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Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper !

Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper !

The goddess PR Guru that is Brooke sent us a batch of Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper to test. Thank-God. I HATE my top lip. I didn’t use to. I actually, naively, never use to think about it. Back in my hey-day I was a model. I went to my agency, met with my booker and was flat-out told “honey, that top lip is not going to work”. I quickly was sent home to make an appointment for my first collagen injection. This was over ten years ago, they couldn’t numb your mouth back then before the shots because if your face drooped then the “lip line” could get “lazy” and you might end up lopsided. I was also told by the Doctor that if I were to jerk in pain during the injections I may end up with a slipped needle and have a collagen injection somewhere under my nose. Great.

I can’t tell you how painful this procedure is. Seriously, it is a cross between papercuts over and over on your lip and someone repeatedly slamming your funny bone. I was a trooper, I wanted that lip, I was also in fear of a bump under my nose. I didn’t squirm, I just went to my “happy place” as the injections kept getting shot and the tears streamed down my eyes in pain. End result? Fabulous pillow lips FOR $500.00 and lasting a WHOPPING 2 months!!! After a ten-year hiatus I went back for the procedure with restalyne shots and while they are now able to slightly numb you, it hurts so bad I won’t be back until they can knock me out cold.

I really want to believe the claims Freeze 24/7 promises “regular use increases your lip size each day” and that this product also “smooths away fine lines”. I also want a pill that makes you “drunk with-out calories” almost as much as I want “a wand to rub on your love-handles to erase fat”. Ladies please post if you saw a difference in your lips plumpness or if I should schedule my next 2016 lip injection appointment.

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Freeze 24/7 Plump Lips

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