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Flirting: Is there really anything wrong with it? I mean, isn’t it actually an art? Ladies, we don’t want to be considered a tease, or heavens forbid, a slut! But isn’t a flirt actually a positive moniker to wear? What comes to mind when you think of “The Flirt”? To me, it’s a vivacious girl, peppered with coquettish-cool. Her clothes are cute with a teeny tiny edge of sexy. Maybe a strap that strategically slips down her shoulder every so often. Her make-up is natural, but her lashes are heavily mascara-ed, ready for major batting, and her lips are shiny and juicy, ready to beam a smile out or stage a pout. She is the girl with the largest group of guys surrounding her at the party. She’s holding Court, telling little jokes to which the men’s squeal with laughter. Touching one ever so slightly on the shoulder, pushing another away, while laughing and doing that sparkly thing flirts do. She’s sexy, but not overtly so. The kind of girl you imagine to be tame in bed, but she’s probably an animal. But none of those guys around her at the party that night will ever know because she’s just a flirt! And you can bet she’s not just the life of the party! Oh no. She’s got all different levels of “flirt”: The tame work-flirt, the daddy-can-i-have-a-new-car “platonic’ flirt, the get-free-drinks flirt, the get-out-of-a-parking-ticket-flirt, and the ever important snag-a-rich-husband flirt.

Now for the make-up tie in. You knew it was coming right?! I LOVE the Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lip gloss in Radical Raspberry. This gloss gives you the perfect subtle tint, just like those baby lips we’re always after. It is not sticky at all. SUPER moisturizing. And smells and tastes YUMMY!!! The raspberry scent is not very raspberry at all (Kate2004rock would even like it!) and the taste is sweet but not overwhelmingly chemical. I loved those Bonnie Bell lip Glosses from my childhood, each with it’s own sticky sweet scent. Well, this is the grown up version. This is the one built for flirting!

Am I a flirt? No. But I have a whole lotta respect for the little minx!

Any other thoughts Flirt? I’ve attached a special that Kohl’s is running!

FLIRT! – Buy It Here!

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