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eospackMeg here! Sometimes we get lots of comments. A lot of comments is usually when there are around 60. When Sweetassgal reviewed EOS lip balm around 90 of you piped up!

That’s a lot of lip balm chatter. It maybe the cool shape of these round spheres that spark the conversation. Once you twist off the top the balm is ready for application. Zero messy application and no unsanitary pot to stick your finger into. The case itself is a sturdy/squishy/rubberish plastic. I know, it is just hard to explain but it is great for those design snobs out there.

EOS decided to make your life pretty easy! They took 3 of their amazing flavors-Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit and packaged them in a Secret Santa gift pack for $9.99! It’s exclusive to Walgreens and only until the end of December. Look at all of the raves they got on this site 6 months ago! When EOS showed me this inexpensive good pack I knew we had a hit on our hands. Aside from these babies being unisex and lip balm snobs favorite-they’re also “green”! 95% Organic 100% Natural.

A lot of you know this but in my former life I was an event producer, a party planner for a bunch of celebs and beautiful people! Sometimes I fall back into my own mindset of being the decor/party guru. That beast came out when I saw this packet. My first thought!! GLUE GUN! Weird- I know. I’m having a holiday party and I am buying a bunch of these. I am them buying a spool of pretty red ribbon. I’m making a loop, glue gunning it on the top and hanging these from my little Charlie Brown Tree. Now I have adorable “bulb” decorations and the perfect gender friendly take away favors! Everyone loves a little moisture for winter days on their smoocher. Better that way for under the mistletoe!!

The next time you’re at Walgreens be sure to grab this deal!! Also, if you decide to take my hint email me pictures!! I want to see who has the best EOS Tree! We’ll vote on the winner and Santa will have a little something in store for you!

Who is already a fan of EOS lip balm and what is your favorite scent?

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