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Stacy B here! Anyone out there have two kids under 5, a full-time job and a husband who has to travel occasionally for his job? No? Just me? Hopefully it’s just me, it’s a tough role to fill!

I’m sure some of you have very hectic lives, just like I do, so you know the value of quick, easy and reliable…anything. Whether it’s makeup, dish detergent, meal prep, outfits or anything else you have to manage on your own with two crazy kids running around, you know the value of a good product that actually helps you. Bonus if it fits within your budget.

I’ve had a very strong acquaintance-type relationship with ELF Cosmetics. I have kept my eye on this brand for years. I use it occasionally, I’ve never had anything bad to say about it, but it’s lower on my list of financially responsible but still high quality brands. We’re sometimes friends. You know the type, you see them every once in a while, always have a good time, but for some reason, never really latch on. You can’t quite explain it, and there’s no hard feelings or drama, it’s just an easy-going, no pressure, 4 visits a year friendship.

This week my husband was in Baltimore for 4 days. I was very focused on the boys and their activities (summer camp, Grammy’s house, daycare, swim lessons…these kids have a better social calendar than I do and they are 4 and 15 months…)  As usual, I needed quick and easy products to get myself work ready and presentable while making sure my little one didn’t choke on something and my bigger one actually got dressed on his own. OK, I’ll admit it, one of the nights I was helping him get in the tub and noticed his underwear was on backwards. It was like that all day. What are you going to do. I still have to take a shower every morning. J

I found ELF’s Shimmer Lip Gloss  in my drawer and started using it as I was running out the door. Or more accurately, chasing after my naked baby who has very skillfully figured out that I have to let go of him for about 5 second during diaper changes to get the new diaper ready and he can get up and start running in just that amount of time.

 It’s good. And cheap. And only $2. A little sticky, but it’s $2. It goes on smoothly, lasts a few hours, so I do need to reapply after meals or drinks but like I said, it’s $2. I’m a big fan of peachy-browns so I used the color ‘Fantasize’. I like the sponge wand, and its small so it’s really easy to toss in your bag. I put it in the little pocket right next to my phone so it doesn’t get lost.

I didn’t notice any significant drying out of my lips, but I never apply gloss over naked lips, I always prime with a moisturizing balm. Like that friend that you like but don’t see a lot, I have nothing terrible to say about this, and will probably go back to it a few times a year. It’s a good product for very little money and I know it’s great for the next time I’m playing single mom for the week. Which is really hard! Virtual fist bumps for single moms, you ladies rock. You deserve decent products that don’t cost a lot. This is definitely a good one.

Anyone else a fan of E.L.F.?



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