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DRLEWINNKINERASEWell…here it is May 21, 2011 and in spite of the rumored “end of the world” today, Goddess Granny is planning on getting dolled up to go out and celebrate my fabulous man’s 60th birthday tonight so it damn well better not start raining unicorn’s or some such nonsense!

It’s bad enough to have to listen to all the gloomer’s and doomer’s on a daily basis and to be subjected to 45 minutes of commentary on the theory behind what “motivates men to cheat” (Thanks Arnold for shattering yet another female fantasy!) without literally second-guessing myself as to “if” the world will still be rotating after 6pm…Kiss)

I LOVE to get dolled up as do most of us and i usually start the pre-event work ahead of time. Unless I’m cooking, then I have to rely on the steam from the pasta pan to give me a glow. This party tonight is in honor someone who puts up with me, indulges me, listens to me, laughs at me and loves me so I feel a responsibility to pull out all the stops for him! Found a CUTE retro red/white polka dotted dress on the “Pinup Girl” site, have darling high wedges to go with and intend to go with a glam-girl 1950’s look for the evening (which he loves!) and as we know, that takes some effort to pull off well.

Got my creamy foundation, blackest eyeliner for a cat’s eye, fluttery faux lashes, a bit of silver shadow and my reddest red lipstick all laid out. Of course, the prep and prime work done before the warpaint makes a HUGE difference. I have been layering on THE most amazing and “plumping” lip balm I’ve ever found since last night! You’ve probably heard of the coveted and quite pricey “Kinerase” line of skin care because SO many celebs and beauties swear by it. I tell you I about got kicked out of the drugstore (for screeching and doing booty pops 🙂 when I recognized THE “Kinerase” name connected to an absolutely stellar and reasonably priced line available where you buy toothpaste? The “Dr Lewinn by Kinerase” line is the first released to the mass market that combines the extensive experience of Dr Lewinn a renowned Australian plastic surgeon with ingredients that the breakthrough anti-aging  ingredient “kinetin!”

Giselle, Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing…these GORGEOUS girls and countless others have discovered this totally effective formula and now we can as well without having to pawn our designer purses to buy!

The plant complex Kinetin is a SUPER anti-antioxident and over 50 years of clinical testing has gone into creating everything in the high end Kinerase line as well as this new to the market and highly effective Dr Lewinn by Kinerase line! The “Lip Resculpt 3D Lip Balm” is SO amazing (also has a 20 SPF so you can slater it on with reckless abandon by itself and know you are protected!) that you will literally begin to see results in 6 minutes and will be rewarded with dramatic results after 30 days of use! It’s light, slightly vanilla scented, smooth and shiny going on with no stickiness and I feel it’s quite habit forming. It can up to double the volume, curvature and surface-area of your lips because it creates double the moisture via hyaluronic acids and peptides. It does all this with NO stinging, burning, weird taste or smell in such a lovely way. You will be amazed at how much juicer and more lush your lips look after using for a while! This company has nailed my “dream effect” for a lip balm for sure!

I bought this on a whim and then found out I simply can’t be without it anymore: the shelves in two stores were bare of this product so when I DID locate a re-stock, I bought a couple of tubes…it actually does such a great job of keeps my lips (which I do have enhanced with Juvaderm a couple of times a year…) looking pretty that it makes any product I use on top look like it’s even more dramatic and impressive and it also helps extends the time in between the ouchy and pricey “filler upper visits!” I wear it to bed and apply first thing in the am…I can’t rave enough about this balm because it is the BOMB and as effective as the only other REAL “plumper” I’ve personally ever found (Fusion Lip FX) at half the price and the tube lasts longer!

Visit the Dr Lewinn by Kinerase site: I love this site because it’s well done, easy to navigate with pop ups and downs and loaded with info…I just picked up a serum and eye cream also in this line and so far have found these products to be exceptional as well!

There are click through links to find a store in your area that carries the line (Walmart, Walgreens, Duane Reade)and I absolutely suggest you take the time to give this line a look. Who doesn’t love saving some cash these days and I promise you’ll be delighted with the results you get from the “Lip Resculpt 3D Lip Balm!”

I will go as far to say I’ve never tried a balm that adds moisture AND poufs my lips like this product does and who wouldn’t love that? Do you also crave a balm that soothes and gives you an instant-Angelina look? This is it!!!


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