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Dianne Brill’s PR reps are fantastic! When Megsmakeup asked to try “A” DIANNE BRILL PRODUCT,” they sent us a ton of Dianne Brill products! Dianne is a girls girl. She understands us. Why open 1 product when you can open 10?? Megsmakeup does not play favorites-we just review as they come in!! Lady Di’s new product to review is LIP LINGERIE. She sent us a bunch of different colors, please pay attention to the color reviewed. Our testers are doing their best to make it easy for you by describing each one! If we had Meg’s Make-UP Awards (now there’s a thought)!! Dianne Brill’s packaging would win. I’m not kidding. I dare you to find a better packaged line. You can’t. We all know that the presentation adds $$$ to the product. Here’s the million dollar question..Is the package worth it? Does the actual item justify the price because of the adorable packag? Here’s what Dianne’s website says about the lip lingerie“A negligee of color for your lips. This is your ultimate seduction tool. Twelve satiny, rich colors to show off your pillow lips and compliment all your evening moods. Packed with nurturing ingredients, rich pigments and textures, this lipstick is simply the best. Grapeseed oil acts as a powerful antioxidant while an impressive vitamin cocktail powered with squalene, fluffy milk agents, and chamomile offers soothing moisture and protection. Puffed with a sophisticated lip plumper, LIP LINGERIE Lipstick leaves lips warm and voluptuous, and it has a patented anti-feathering effect. Perfumed gently, LIP LINGERIE Lipstick imparts a lush, creamy mouth feel. Designed to have a presence on your lips. Slip it on!
P.S. Tucked into every LIP LINGERIE Lipstick box is a personal playful seduction tip written by Ms. Brill herself”.
CAN YOU JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER??Ladies Please Post Your Unbiased Reviews?!!?
We have now added a review for Dianne Brill’s Lip Lingerie Lip Liner. Lady Di’s peeps only had a few to review so consider it a bonus. Here’s what the site claims..”You’ve got curves, accentuate them. Create Brilliant lips with these feathery soft liners. Available in five versatile lippy shades designed to mimic natural lip tones. The liners can be worn over or under your favorite LIP LINGERIE Lipstick or Lip Gloss to build up the lip and to keep your color in place longer”.
Ladies that received the liner, please post!!

$ Diane Brill Lip Lingerie $

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