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Gigi here! Sharon Stone sums up my lip color philosophy with one of her quotes:  “I drive with my knees; otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick?”  Kidding—don’t try this yourself!  Use the rear view mirror when you’re at a stoplight or a stop sign with no traffic in sight.  This is the one product which is ever-present on me.  Gigi sans lip color transforms me into Conan O’Brien’s alter-ego.  With my fair skin, I morph into a pasty Goth and thus always have a slew of colors with me and around my home.

How far will I go to keep tint on my pout?  Years ago I purchased semi-permanent henna for lips.  I used clear henna to strengthen my tresses and impart shine, and I thought the same would happen.  It was a nightmare.  Think prunes.  No, think raisins.  My mouth was so shriveled that all I needed was a broomstick to complete my witch look.  Removal was next to impossible, even with makeup removers, baby oil, and Vaseline.  I couldn’t leave our home for days!

And then came stains.  I did cartwheels.  I did handsprings.  I shouted from the mountaintop.  The benefits are manifold:  Regular lipstick melts in the summer and disappears quickly.  These leave you with color through lengthy days, perspiration, swimming, conditioning, romance, and eating and drinking.  Recently, I was lured by Revlon’s ad for their new stain, “Color Stay Ultimate Lip Color”™, which promises that there is no need for touch-ups.  Users are told they will enjoy a built-in ultra-lasting coat and it will wear for twelve hours.  Revlon, the staple and maverick of makeup, you rarely let me down, but you did with this!  I purchased three, sure that these would work wonders.  As soon as I applied it, my lips developed a strange, tacky feel which kept them sealed together (some people would say this would be is good thing for me).

Enter Cover Girl® with its new “Outlast” stain (about $7.50).  The tube is clear and comes in several hues true to the way they appear on you.  I am able to use both warm and cool tones, and “Cinnamon Smile” was a becoming, slightly copper, tawny tone.  Their web site allows you to virtually try makeup colors to choose those most flattering.  The tapered felt tip is impressive; it permits precise application.  My lips weren’t sealed shut as they had been.  I took a sigh of relief, unfortunately followed by a strong urge to continue with a primal scream. 

Cover Girl notes that this remains lightweight (it does), and wears a long time.  I’m not sure how long it lasts.  The reason is because it became so dry and uncomfortable that I removed it.  When I say dry, I am talking parched—as in the Sahara Desert.  Yet some of the benefits touted are that conditioners will soften and smooth.  I tried it repeatedly to reach the guaranteed supple feel, to hold out longer than the stain, but it won every time! 

If you do decide to purchase this, make sure you choose a quality, durable gloss to use as a topcoat.  This is a time when some items are worth the price.  My favorite is Lorac’s, now only available on their “Greatest Hits” CD at Sephora ($48).  Lorac’s “Lip and Cheek Tint” gets it right.  So does Lauren Hutton’s “First Kiss,” which comes with its own separate moisturizer ($20) and Benefit’s “Benetint,” a cult classic ($28.00).  I’m angry; even though I received a refund, I’ve scheduled detention for Revlon and Cover Girl exes for next fall.  If they balk, they will be suspended.


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