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Champ3377 aka GiGi here! I am beyond pale, nearly bordering on “Conan O’Brien-Pasty.” Long-wearing lipstick is a necessity, and I have been on an endless quest for shades that deliver. As a teacher, I’ve had to endure seven or eight periods without a trip to the restroom. Several years ago, I went to the extreme and purchased semi-permanent henna especially formulated for lips. I had used clear henna on my hair and it added strength and gloss. No such luck with this. My lips began to shrivel immediately, a thousand lines appeared, and what remained was a freaky, horrid shade of burgundy/black. My husband came home and said, “Are you going Goth?” I would have laughed, but my desire to cry was stronger. It took at least two hours for me to find a way to remove it, using soap, oil-based cleansers, products guaranteed to take off even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, and exfoliating gently with a very soft toothbrush. The “shade from hell” finally disappeared and flesh began to appear, but my mouth was hyper-sensitive for a long time.

Lorac used to offer a moisturizing lip and cheek gloss, which I loved, but they discontinued selling it separately (it’s still available in their “Greatest-Hits CD” palettes at Sephora). Other stains leave me parched, and I grew tired of spending a lot of money for items that didn’t work (that’s why I’m the “Drugstore Deal” reviewer). So I picked up Cover Girl’s “Outlast Double Lip Shine” for around $8.99—success!

I had purchased their two-wand set before (one is color and the other a finishing gloss), but it was annoying trying to keep the pieces together in my suitcase also known as a purse. Cover Girl revamped the packaging and locked the two together in a single wand (yes!), with a shade to flatter anyone, from understated to dramatic. What you see in the tube is generally true to what appears on your pout. You can actually “try on” colors at It’s a great, fun, interactive site. Some words of warning, however: Active X must be installed on your computer. If you’re not familiar with it–Active X is a tool used to enhance motion and work in tandem with Microsoft and other software. Beware, as it may introduce malware and spyware into a vulnerable computer. You can also chat with a “live” representative and ask questions (um, that is obvious—dead ones don’t speak), but ad-blockers must be removed first. Think before acting here. Online privacy is important to me.

I’m a stickler when it comes to lipstick application. Use the Julie Hewett “Omit” concealer/lip pencil you definitely purchased after
“Goddess Granny” ~Mjsred introduced to us to subtly give your lips definition and perform as a canvas for color. Follow with the shade; allow it to dry and you will understand immediately why they include clear gloss. No, you will not go from morning until evening looking like it’s just been applied, even after meals (that’s why they call it advertising). You will most likely need to add more of the gloss for comfort throughout the day, but enough color may remain for you to do without a touch-up for a long time. By their nature, stains are drying. Remove with an oil-based product (cold crème works) for best results. The hues, however, adhere for a long time, and this item is worth every penny. Now, aren’t you happy? You had a computer and beauty lesson all in one—free of charge!

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