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Stacy B here! It’s started already. My pants don’t fit and we’ve had one holiday! I’m a whale and it’s barely December!

OK, exaggerating a bit, but still. Doesn’t it feel like that sometimes? I try really hard to stay healthy and consistent – I even went to the gym the morning of Thanksgiving and twice more over the long weekend – but it gets hard this time of year. Not to mention the external changes I have to deal with living in a cold part of the country. My hair is getting some static, my skin needs more lotion and my lips are dry as a bone.

To think, I wish for dryer, frizz-free weather half the year, and then I get it, and all I want is just a little bit of humidity so I don’t wake up with my lips cracking and my eyes red and dry! We are never satisfied, are we?? My lips have been really bad lately, so bad that the skin around them is red, raised, and irritated, and my lips are cracked and painful. I have been sticking my face over a bowl of boiling water multiple times a day, slathering them with Blistex and petroleum jelly and will even admit to getting so fed up that I actually rubbed some diaper rash cream on the skin around my lips. Not the actual lips, I was too afraid I’d actually ingest it, but just around the edges. I admit a lot of crazy things to you guys…

Believe it or not, the good old Triple Paste that I rub on my baby boy’s behind actually worked. I have yet to tell my husband this, I actually think this may be one of first secrets I will keep from him forever. He’d be horrified.

While my lips are on the mend, I’ve sworn off any sort of color, stain or stick. Too risky. Luckily I work from home now and only have meetings a few times a week so I can get away with crazy lip remedies and pale winter lips. But,  I still have errands and play dates and dinners with my husband (as long as the diaper rash incident stays buried) so sometimes I want a dash of color with a ton of protection. Not being able to smile without bleeding is disgusting and not something I want to return to.

Enter CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm:  The name made me feel better about it, knowing it was a balm, and not a gloss. I needed moisture, not a sheen that will dry up as it wears.

I was nervous about it, so I tried it on one morning where I had a 2 hour meeting and that was it. I figured if it didn’t work, or my lips started to rebel, I had my Blistex in my bag and I wouldn’t be trapped long. It was the perfect color for me (I tried Be Sweet, this amazing purple-ish/pink-ish/frosty neutral) and the perfect amount of pigment, too. Shiny, a little color and it lasted through the meeting.

I left feeling like my lips were in good shape. No driness, no cakey residue on my lips or teeth and when I checked my reflection in my rearview mirror, I still had a little shine after 2 hours of talking and sipping water. When I got home I covered what was left with a little more Blistex (purely preventative) and headed to the gym.

I’m not going to tell you it lasted through an hour long workout because it didn’t. But for a slick balm with a light pigment, it really worked for the few hours I needed it to. This is no stain, or even a lipstick, it’s just a balm that requires some reapplication every few hours. But you can do it fast, without a mirror, and on the go if needed. It’s just like a fancy chapstick that keeps you protected from harsh winter elements, and keeps you looking cute.

I’ve used it sparingly for the last few days as my lips continue to recover and I’m really happy with it. I’d compare it to Maybelline’s Baby Lips, which I have and like, and I think the added color makes CoverGirl the winner. Great winter staple for anyone on the go, or in a cold, dry climate who still wants to look cute and warm.





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