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Jeanasinal here! Let me start out by saying…“It’s a great day to wear lipstick!” I’m doing my best rendition of fish lips right now – so my mouth will be in the full Monte position while I write today’s review. Today we are all about the mouth!

You know and I know that as far back as Betty Boop’s generation – women have been emphasizing their lips! We smile with them, we sometimes make them tremble just before silent tears cascade down our cheeks. We can skinny them up into a distasteful frown when we make bitter faces at alarming smells which invade our nostrils on occasion. We can use them to blow kisses to handsome and/or beautiful targets. But most of all…besides all the passionate uses we have for our lips – we LOVE to show them off! We love to ply them with compelling colors! Children’s faces light up if you present them with a 250 pack container of different colors of Crayola crayons! Well, have you ever seen a woman at holiday time when they stop at a make-up counter and there on the sparkling revolving table is a lipstick sampler with 250 shades? You see eyes as big as fried eggs on these women – filled with desire at the prospect of actually owning one of these lipstick marathon pallets! We love our lipstick!

In the vast sea of lipsticks, lip gloss, lip enhancers, lip colors, lip epoxy…the list goes on..we keep hoping there is really something NEW which will make us think about actually tossing out some of our lipstick collection standbys we have had since 1978! I have tried numerous selections of lipsticks and most of them make me say ’Eh…it’s not bad’, when the reality is…I want to say “My lips rule today!”

Thanks to Meg, I have found a lipstick that made me take notice! That’s right ladies, I put this new entry in the lip world on my lips and thought “Ahhhhh!” Just then, my eyebrow lifted up like Spocks as I read the details on the box which said, “Finally, a lip gloss with personality Liquid Lipstick!”

Time stood still while I was trying on and simultaneously reading about Cosmoholic’s Liquid Lipstick – I was intrigued! The color I received was “Prudish Pink”. Prudish huh? Well….even though the color choice sounds like I should get out my Catholic grade school uniform and complimentary saddle shoes in order to wear it, I put it on anyway.

The texture is SO smooth – it will make you smile as soon as you press your lips together to test it out because ladies…IT’S NOT STICKY! It’s creamy and moist and it makes your lips shine and you have COLOR all in one applicator! It’s without question my favorite gloss product but I don’t really need my layer of lipstick first in order to use it! Of course you could use it over another color of your own lipstick to create your own signature color! However you use it – you won’t want to lose it because this liquid lipstick is REALLY REFRESHINGLY NICE! As in quality nice! I’m thinking if you were to engage in a kiss with a desirable attraction in your life they might also enjoy the smooth lips on you – and also experience the no bizarre after taste effect this lipstick produces! He/she might not even need to do the back of the hand wipe where they try to get the sticky globby lipstick off of their lips after a kiss maneuver they!

The website really wants to help you pick out your perfect color. You can email them a photo and their beauty experts will pick the best color for YOU! As they say on the website..”We want you to look A.F.A.P.(As Fabulous As Possible)! Their lipstick contains vanilla flavors and macadamia nut oil for moisturizing, vitamin E, Vitamin C and antioxidants! It comes in 7 highly pigmented shades!

If I really had to choose to just take one of my lipstick type products and toss the rest in a flaming hot incenerator, I’d take the Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick in a New York Minute! Like the little girl in the 3 bears story says…this lipstick is JUST RIGHT!
If you’d like to check out the website and order some of this very appealing -I-love-how-my-lips-feel-and-look, liquid lipstick check out: Cosmoholic Buy It Here!l here.

Ladies, I know a lot of you got this amazing item! Please let me know your thoughts and your color!

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