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cosminologylipstickMeg here! The timing on this story is pretty perfect. After just reporting on how Chanel is bringing lipstick back in March I have the a great lipstick that’s ready immediately.

In fact, a lot of you wrote your excitement that the ole’ lippie is indeed going to be awash with serious color for the coming months (and hopefully year!) I need a “gloss get away.”

There were a few of you that just were not sold on lipstick. You found it “too drying” or “don’t understand the point of taking time to put something on that disappears in 5 minutes.” I totally understand your qualms and think that maybe it took a doctor to get the formulation just right. Of course, in this case the good doctor that keeps showing up on would be the famous Dr. Dima. Ever since we were introduced to Dr. Dima’s Cosminology the raves keep pouring in. I’m going to tell you exactly why Cosminology Lipstick is one of my most favorite lip tools in my very selective and exclusive arsenal.

If you’re not happy with this lipstick I will eat mine! That’s how much I believe you’re going to agree with me here! Now, color is subjective so that just doesn’t count. I’m talking about consistency and staying power-but yes, I am using this color quite a bit! IN fact, I was just saying to Eleni…
Meg: Eleni, I’m using my Cosminology lipstick to death, I like the color I got, I saw a testimonial on their site on how this lady loved her Astrobliss color.

Yes, I like it too. I wear it a lot too. The color you have on right now looks good. That looks like the Astrobliss.

Meg: It is!

Eleni: Then I’ll take a picture of you wearing it so everyone can see that you wear it so much.

So Tadah! That’s me in my Astrobliss Lipstick. I wear it like its a chapstick or a healing lip balm. The big girl color is a plus but that’s not the initial reason you’re going to keep grabbing for it. Remember how I said a whole paragraph or two above that it took a doctor to get the formula right? There’s nothing drying at all with the Cosminology lip stick. Vitamin E AND Jojoba in a lipstick bullet are genius idea’s and our resident smartie, Dr. Dimo infused each tube with a lot of it! It hydrates and it moisturizes, yet it doesn’t come off?!?! I know. I don’t exactly get how she did it either. That’s why she creates and I just type about it!

I don’t know Lorena S. But reading her take on Cosminology Lipstick in Astrobliss is what made me want to try her exact experience! So, yes, I was a follower and thought “If Lorena is using this lipstick in this shade EVERYDAY then I want to try too!” Here’s her testimonial that I found on the site...

I was given some cosminology Minacles lipsticks as a gift and I love them. I wear AstroBliss EVERY day! I have an olive complexion and love how the color looks super natural and truly hydrates my lips. And when I feel like adding a bit of a color pop, I use AstroPucker. ” Lorena S.

Amen Lorena S! This company just keeps on getting “it right.” I encourage you to try some Cosminology and really explore what everyone is saying about them on their site, this site, heck-the whole cyber-beauty world is a buzz.

This is a great (in my opinion-color) fabulous feel, keeps my pucker kissable and soft and lasts a long time. I think Astrobliss is a very versatile color. They say it is a “soft, creamy coco” I find it to have some reddish undertones that are very flattering on many skin types. Lorena S. is olive where as I am very fair. We both are loving it!

What lipstick shades are you adding to your cart? Who has tried Cosminology lipstick and what did you think?

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