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Why the heck are plump lips in? Why can’t plump stomaches, bums or thighs be in style? I have some control over that! It would be so enjoyable to attain that look! Pass the beer and pie this way. no matter how much beer I drink or pie I eat, the lips stay thin. What kind of sick trip is this? The fat goes everywhere-except where desirable. I blame Team Jolie for this one.
As you age, the lips get thinner. Great. Another thing to look forward too.
Bee-Stung lips are all the rage. What does this product promise? Will I be buzzing toward ripe lips? Here’s what their site claims..
CITY Lips is different than any other lip plumper on the market. One-of-a-kind ingredients amplify natural collagen production to quickly increase volume and erase wrinkles, creating fuller, softer, youthful lips.
CITY Lips will not burn or irritate your lips, essential oils and vitamins soothe and protect lips.
CITY Lips is simple and easy to use. Apply every night and during the daytime under your lip stick or alone for instant moisture, plump and shine.
CITY Lips revolutionary formula does not contain animal or fish ingredients. Our treatments work safely and naturally with your body’s chemistry to enhance your own collagen production.
CITY Lips superior result will amaze you”!

Did you see a difference? Did the plumpness in your lips lead to a spring in your step?

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