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Emily, the hippest of the hip PR rep for Bourjois sent us their very own 3D Highshine Lip Gloss Cell Phone charms in tons of different shades. Ladies, when you review, please be sure to mention the color you were lucky enough to try.

When Meg’s Make-Up ladies get together to separate and distribute the products out to our lucky testers there is a lot of wine and conversation and wine that goes on. I opened up this box from Bourjois and thought “what the heck is this”? Our well-traveled tester, Blus Lee Lee took one look at the gloss and piped up “Oh, that’s huge in Japan. All those Harajuku girls have trinkets and glosses hanging from their cell phones. I guess they’re starting that trend over here”.

That made me think of a book on cosmetic counter marketing that I read eons ago. One of the tricks that the make-up companies put in their salesperson’s arsenal is the “big overseas” pitch. The U.S. Chanel staff is trained to say “This is huge in Paris, all the French women go crazy for this”. The pitch in Paris? Yup, you got it “This is huge in New York; all the American Women go crazy for this”.

Is Gwen Stefani single-handedly responsible for making the “Harajuku Girl” the new hipster trendsetter? A while back we tested some (awesome) products from Boscia. One of our testers wrote “It must be good-it’s from Japan”. Have we moved from the Europeans as our beauty idols to the Far East where the ideal is now a “Japanese complexion, one that the world admires”? In Tokyo are the women still getting their eyes “Westernized” to look like they’re from LA? I guess the grass is always greener.

It’s probably a lot to read into from getting a lip-gloss cell phone charm but you never know if it’s a sign of the times. All I know is, I have a Blackberry so this is going on my keychain. Oh yeah, one other thing. I’ll carry the gloss but I’m drawing the line at carrying a fuzzy pink backpack in the shape of Hello Kitty. I’m all for being a trend setter but a girl needs her limits.
Here is what Bourjois says about their lip gloss…“Make sure you have 3-dimensional volume and shine all the time with this must-have by Bourjois. The Effect 3D Mobile Lip Gloss Mini includes a tiny lanyard that attaches to your cell phone in seconds. Incredible looking lips are at your beckon call”.

Ladies please post if this gloss made you feel internationally fabulous or if you’d rather just stick with your favorite sushi joint.

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Bourjois 3D Highshine Lip Gloss

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