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borghese lip pencilDo you ever look in the mirror and wonder where something has gone to or come from? I know I do and as a Goddess Granny on the run much of the time, I simply cannot risk yet another Post-It note stuck to my purse in hopes of reminding me where I’m at on a physical level as well as a mental one. Okay so recently I caved and Mike got me a Blackberry Bold in hopes of truly keeping my life and chit straight with the help of tech? I’m still sorting that lil’ piece of plastic-stress out as well! 
I’m concerned because I seem to have mis-placed the pigment in my lips: this could be due to any number of things (we’ll ignore the “age” possibility:) and because I am seldom without something on to cover them, I guess maybe I just finally saw the reality for what it is and immediately began to Google “lip pigment for sale” to no avail…
Usually I don’t stand on too much ceremony and am TOTALLY not above faking what needs fixin’ but HOW to do it without looking like harsh via permanent cosmetics or dorky aka painting my lips on 24/7 and running the risk of looking like everyone’s crazy Aunt who drinks a lot. I just want to be able to make a respectable showing at the gym and other places where a “no makeup makeup” look is mandatory. I want to wear gloss only and I want to not have it slide off the side of my mouth so it looks like I’ve been covertly munching gummi bears between yoga poses either! I know, I expect a lot from my cosmetics:)
I love that being a reviewer for this site exposes me to products, people and things that I’d simply never find on my own: I can search with the best of them but sometimes, the VERY best solutions and products are best left to those in the inner-circle of chic knowledge so when I received a lip liner pencil from the oh so respected cosmetic house of Borghese named a “Perfetta Lip Pencil“, I immediately knew something good would be in that luxury box because “Perfetta” translates from Italian as “perfect” which sure works for me!
Borghese “celebrates the unique beauty in every woman” and with their full line of skin care, cosmetics, spa and hair care, fragrance and just about everything a person could need to stay or become “perfect” so I was sure willing to put my less-than perfect lips in their hands! Combined with the fact that a portion of their corporate sales go to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund in support of the families of and severely wounded military personnel,this company has my respect. They are not the new kids on the block of business with a proven track record of success and they continue to produce upscale products that hold their own in every market! BTW: I did notice on their well-organized website that they offer employment contacts and job listings as well,always a plus for many who might be looking for a career in beauty!
Lovely contemporary packaging for my pencil in “Lucca Plum”: normally the word “plum” would cause me to cringe a bit as my pale skin with yellow undertones isn’t a fan of the shade but when I slid the pencil and its companion sharpener out, I smiled and sighed in relief: it’s not a purply-shade but rather the “natural” (not a big fan of that word!) and true shade of mauve pinky-brown healthy lips would be! I was excited to give it a try, I almost always draw a line on the edges of my lips to define and my typical favorites include pencils by Urban Decay, Make Up Forever and Cat Cosmetics. I usually aim for a shade that will define and add a bit of color to my vampire-lips but not outline per se as my look isn’t really enhanced by more of a contrast although I admire it on some. That way, I can use whatever lipstick or gloss that suits my whim without fear of a mess 🙂 The only time I use a highly-colored lip pencil is if I use it alone and all over my lips to both define and color as this technique lasts forever and doesn’t feather, a HUGE plus in some situations. MAC’s lip pencil in “Cherry” gives an amazing retro-red lip used this way.
This pencil is not as soft as some but goes on smoothly and really adds color without pulling! It sharpens easily without breaking holds a point well (some pencils just make a mess when you try and sharpen them) and I’m able to fake the color of my lips that nature has chosen to remove rather beautifully with this shade, it’s an awesome lip pencil all the way around! Generous in size, this will serve me well for many weeks to come 🙂 I tried it on just the edges with gloss in the center and then tried it all over with some Cherry Chapstick on top and both looks were really nice and exactly what I’d want on some days.
I think I used to believe that issues like “losing pigment in my lips” was no big deal but NOW I see why many woman NEED a bit of help with this (I’m here to tell you that lots of things your Mom told you will come true!) and Borghese has just the pencil for the job! There are so many liners out there, yes, but when it comes to finding a color and texture that’s “perfetta” ie, perfect, it can be a task. I have found that some of the inexpensive ones either slip off the corners of your lips and/or morph into some odd shade of brown and that even some of the more expensive pencils can be either too soft and smeary or too hard with not enough pigment to leave behind a satisfying result. I’ve tried many, many lip liner pencils and would absolutely like to have several more shades of Borghese’s Perfetta pencil: they have a fabulous range of shades on the site to choose from and “Bacca” and “Auburn Butterfly” are calling my name… 🙂 They actually suggest that you apply your liner after lipstick and although I’ve not tried this personally, sounds like it might also be something to play with, I could see how it might really amp up one’s lips for a hot event!
Great site with lots of info and products to browse, you can buy your own “perfect lip pencil” here
Do you fake your lip-line ever so slightly or do you really like to let your pencil leave it’s mark?
Let us know if you love a great lip pencil too!
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