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GETREALHello ladies! Jeanasina here! How badly do you wish that YOU were in Dallas this very Tuesday night?! You could have been one of the first 100 people in the door of the V Spa at the Hilton and received a gift bag! You could be duct taping the ‘gift bag’ you got from Meg to your thigh so the frenzied ladies who DIDN’T make the first 100 people won’t steal yours! Well ladies, I wasn’t there either.

Instead of being in Texas, I was at home in my little office getting ready to dazzle you with my current product of the day for Body Beautiful Wednesday!

As our story continues…several hours BEFORE I ate my sandwich, I was scanning the isles in an Ulta store looking for something that would compel me to stop and pick up a product. I was going at a pretty good clip up and down the isles when I saw a 1950’s looking label on a shelf that said “All Natural – No Fake Crap!”. The package REALLY said this! So I picked the package of lip balm up and read that this lip balm is made by the Blue Q Fruit & Produce Company. I turned the package over and that’s when the total compulsion to buy this stuff struck me! The back of the package says of it that way before, but I guess I could “Reality Check”, “Your lips feel like an old fruit cake.” I had never thought ay yes to that. I had made a ‘find’ and when I left the store it was in my bag. The real eye catcher on the package are the words “GET REAL”! Very retro looking graphics.

This stuff is thick. My lips feel SO comforted and well attended to! If some lucky intoxicating Harley guy were to come and kiss me right now he’d be thinking “That lady has smokin’ soft supple lips!” I’m just sayin’, hypothetically. I think my lips feel great. So…for the $2.99 I paid for this product, I’d say, I totally scored today!

I have checked out everything I could find about the They are FUN people! They have other products too and this lip balm also comes in mint and lemon! This multi-talened company makes the absolute cutest re-usable bags! That probably doesn’t sound as compelling as a designer purse but I know some of you love to help the environment. You might like the bags! A D O R A B L E! I can see you at the Food Mart with your new reuse-able bag and the other ladies all sidle up to you and say “Where you’d get that super cute bag?” It could happen to you!

I know you want to see for yourself what these people are about! The best source I found for purchasing their products (even cheaper) is at the website! Just type in ‘Blue Q’ and see what comes up! Check out their natural soaps and who wouldn’t want to get the little zipper pouch they sell that says “You are my sunshine!” and then give it to their favorite person with a photo of the two of them inside! I love cute, I love bizarre, and I love healthy. They have melded the three components into the creation of this lip balm and I think it all works brilliantly.

The ingredients are listed in print smaller than a dog flea and even with my magnifying glass, I can’t read much of it! It’s naturally flavored, there has been no animal testing and no added color or fragrance. The very first ingredient is shea butter! “Coconut, olive, vitamin e, flower extract…these sound good right? It’s like this, if you put this stuff on and then later run your finger over your lips, there is still stuff on your lips! It hasn’t completely vanished! Re-application is not a necessity!”

I look at it this way, this company with it’s “Get Real” peach lip balm and it’s completely adorable bags, yummy sounding soaps and lotions and other fun items gave me over an hour of fun! Between testing this lip balm and looking at the website and researching these people – it was a good night! I looked all over the Internet at their products and realized that I can afford every single thing that the Blue Q Fruit & Produce Company make.

Looking good for “Jesus” “Cat Butts” “Miso Pretty” and “Total Bitch” to name a few! See? Not your every day run of mill company! FUN is clearly the attitude of this company and they used it to come up with some kick ass product names and thus have made themselves unforgettable! I’d absolutely love to go in a store and say “Do you carry the Cat Butts line of products here?”

Have any of you heard of this company or tried any of their products? What were YOU doing when Meg and Goddess Granny were at the Hilton in Texas this past Tuesday night?

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