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spliffGigi here! I’m in a Christmas mood, so please chime in with me in singing:
“You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why–
You will wind up with a million wrinkles
on your upper lip and ruin your appearance.”

Okay, so I squeezed too many lyrics into the tune, but you get the picture.  Our emotions leave a permanent appearance on our faces, both happy and sad.  I like to people-watch at the mall and try to determine the vocation or disposition of the women walking by.  If I speak with them, I find that my guess is usually spot on.
Someone spontaneously laughing with a gleam in her eye?  She’s either just newly in love or hit the lottery.   Drug addicts don’t count here.   A woman with a serene but calm smile?  Someone living and loving life to the fullest.  If she is dressed in heels, she may actually look forward to going to work.  Same smile with two mismatched shoes?  It’s a happy mother of at least one little bambina or bambino who hasn’t been able to take more than thirty seconds to dress in a long time.  Note the missing patch of hair on her head and pardon her fashion faux pas.

Ah, this one is easy.  If you spy a well-organized woman with sensible shoes, deeply-defined frown lines, a furrowed brow, and a mere line for what should be lips?  She’s a teacher.  The same woman but with no lips at all?  A high school teacher, of course!  Happily, I love my job; thus, my mouth is not MIA.
So before you grimace and snarl and engage in a brawl at a toy store over the last Zhu Zhu Pets this Christmas, stop and think.  Don’t worry, be happy.  New toys come and go.   You only have one gorgeous face to protect. What are some other things which cause unattractive vertical lines and a deeper skin tone in this area? Repeated whistling.  Lose the habit, hang up your county fair awards, and find another means of recreation. Lipstick, our beloved lipstick, helps to dehydrate the entire area around your mouth as you age (this is sad but don’t you frown–I can see you).  As you know from a recent and highly educational piece by Jasmine of this site, petroleum can have harsh effects on skin and plays a role here.  Continued lipstick usage allows the delicate skin around the mouth to rely on petroleum and artificial waxes for moisture.  After time, it ceases producing its own and leaves you parched. This tissue is as sensitive as the skin under your eyes.
Watch out, ye health-conscious ones of good faith. You are pleased that you are skipping eggnog in lieu of water because it is your new drink of choice–lots of it.  Santa is applauding you along with me because you are being a very good girl, but sucking on water bottles contributes to this catastrophe.  Return to a relic of the past called a tumbler or glass.  Smoking? We won’t even go there.  Meg Heads do not smoke because we want to live long, look beautiful forever, and prosper.
What’s a woman to do? The need for bearded women in a circus has been hit by the economy as well and jobs are few.  The joyous news is that lines, a darkened skin tone here, and a deflated balloon look can actually be remedied permanently.  It begins with a unique, multi-purpose skin care product by the firm Bliss called “Spiff Upper Lip.”  And it’s on sale for $14.99 at the discount beauty store Santa generously made for us to use and enjoy all year round–Beauty Ticket.  That’s a deal, as it generally retails for $38.00.  Actually, that’s more like a steal which puts this into the drugstore category!
What makes “Spiff Upper Lip” noteworthy?  “Spiff” is packed with good-for-you ingredients to revive and renew.  For you purists, there is organic sweet almond oil, grape oil, shea butter, and soybean oil to repair damage.  Also included is a form of hyaluronic acid, now highly touted as a miracle at reducing creases.  A trade-marked retinol-based fluid allows the creases to begin to disappear and holds collagen in the skin, something we all lose with age.  GABA, present as well, is  replacing Botox these days by helping muscles to relax (always say yes to relaxed facial muscles).  Other components actually brighten the entire area, making hair (hair–what hair?) less noticeable and reducing the five-o’clock-shadow some of us are prone to sport.  I noted benefits in about ten days; some women may have to wait longer. My upper lip was simply plumper, smoother, and younger-looking.
The formula comes in a pen-like dispenser with a brush on the end.  Simply twist the bottom to dispense a small amount of this potion, for that is all you need.  It seeps into skin immediately.  Follow with your normal moisturizer.  If you have very sensitive skin, switch to a routine of every other night to avoid possible irritation.
Oh, kissing is not recommended for keeping wrinkles at bay, but I say “bah, humbug!” and suggest hanging up the mistletoe everywhere you are and engage in all of the lip-locking you want fearlessly.  You’ve got “Spiff” for any repairs and who wants to miss romance for anything?  Not me!

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