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Besame Masterliner Lip Pencil!

Fergus, the maven of “must-haves” generously sent us some of their Besame’s Dual Action Masterliner Lip Pencil! Again, with the gorgeous packaging Besame! You had us with the first batch of classic beauty and you follow it up with another winner!

Lip liner is a tricky product. Not for me, mind you (I think I get the concept O.K.) but it does seem to baffle some otherwise smart beauty product users.

My roommate in New York was a lovely girl, all of the rest of her make-up always looked fine. She would say to me “I don’t know why you bother with those lip injections when you can just draw on your lips like me”. Oh brother. Did she ever draw them on. I mean she physically took the pencil and drew herself a new set of lips. She then would fill them with cherry red lipstick. It looked like she was just in the most serious animal attack/hot make-out session known to man.

I know you’re suppose to tell someone when they’re dragging toilet paper on their heel or have spinach between their teeth but what could I say or do? She thought it looked fab. My friends would come over and say “hello” to her and then look at me like “what the Hell is all over her mouth”? That is one culprit.

“The imaginary lip artist”. The other culprit? I have seriously experienced this. I was in a cab and asked my friend for her lip liner. She handed me a Maybelline Brown Eyeliner. I thought she heard me wrong. She had not. She thought the contrast of dark, chocolate brown with a light pink glossy fill was the ticket to great lip definition. Apparently Eminen’s wife Kim thinks this too is a great look. It’s not. It makes one look like a gangsta circus clown.

I have to admit, I use lip liner the wrong way. For great staying power I’ll line my lips with the pencil. Then I use the same pencil to fill them in. With a dab of my new fave Boscia lip salve I’m out the door with a long-last lipstick. After writing this post I’m starting to wonder if I too am a culprit.

Here’s Besame’s pitch..”A versatile product, our two-sided shiny gold metal pencil is filled with two colors for your lips. These water resistant formulas deliver powerful, vibrant color that glides on velvety smooth and last for hours. Each pencil has two tips, one at each end, containing a different complementing shade of color”.

Ladies, please post the color combos that you received and if you feel more ready for happy hour then Barnum and Baily’s with this product.

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Besame Masterliner Lip Pencil

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