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lightmyfireOkay, unless you have opted to join Bin Laden on vacation in some cave (God only knows where) you KNOW by now that it’s ALL about the “red” as in lip color for Fall 2010 and yes even for Spring 2011. Goddess Granny starts to shake a bit at the thought of yet another flipping’ year almost coming to an end! I feel as though it’s all going by so fast that I have all I can do to hang on by my heels (or clogs or wedges, or….) most days let alone even TRY to keep up with everything stylish and considered chic in the worlds of fashion and beauty!

I do know without a shadow of a doubt that there is and will continue to be a huge and long over-do return to classic “feminine beauty” as an example and I too loudly proclaim my love for the women of “Mad Men” and “Boardwalk Empire.” I tip my imaginary hat (which of course, would be covered in feathers if it wouldn’t look odd at the local podunk chicken in a bucket fine-dining establishment.) I love that those of us who applaud and even require feminine-trappings of glam and glitz to be a part of our daily lives are now considered fashionable once again!

Obviously there is  something going on when “they” proclaim the absolutely gorgeous femme-fatale Christina Hendricks (who makes  the iconic “Jessica Rabbit” cower in her corner!) THE  female of the era and THE most desired woman alive as considered by BOTH sexes? Wow…

I honestly never thought it’d be all about “the girl” aka hair and nails and bewbies and hips ever again in my lifetime and now it so IS! How lucky for us, it’s been a long time coming…

I believe a girl can cultivate sizzle and smolder even if you aren’t born to the look so hear me out: no matter what your size, shape, age or other category “they” try to stick us in-you too can be glamorous and a creature of dreams! I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t appreciate a “girly-girl.” I don’t mean a blathering/sexting idiot but rather a female who puts just a bit more effort into herself and knows that it WILL set her apart simply because she’s more feminine. This does not mean you have to spend hours fanning your fire.”Beauty For Real” is a sassy boutique cosmetics company that offers some perfect solutions for modern women who want to attain beauty but who also want products that work and are unique!

Leslie Munsell has 20 years of beauty consulting, makeup artistry and trend-forcasting to offer in this cool line of products. She served as a beauty advisor for the formidable “Aveda” company as well! She promotes “real beauty for real women.” It’s just SO nice to finally feel like it’s A-okay to glam-girl it up again without fear of looking like we aren’t “serious.” We all do WANT to use cosmetics and enhance. It’s so much nicer and easier when the guesswork regarding colors and application has been edited for you by Leslie!

“See the Light”
lipgloss comes in 9 of the most perfect colors ever and anyone could wear all of them! Gorgeous quality lucite- tube with a mirror on the side. Press the lil’ button on top? Voila, you are illuminated by a cool LED light that allows the perfect application no matter where you are! The lipgloss formula is amazing: cooling and flavored with mint and grapefruit. It tastes yummy and plumps without any obvious stinging or burning. It’s a slight sensual cooling-sensation that I love! Loaded with antioxidants like grapeseed oil and green tea-it helps your lips retain their youthful moisture. It doesn’t dry them out like so many others can and do. All 9 colors are fabulous and fun. I am wearing “Light My Fire”, the quintessential bombshell red. It has loads of texture, superb shine, lasting color and it’s one of those RARE lipglosses that really stays where you apply it! No sliding all over or feathering! Really nice stuff and the applicator and light really delight me! Very “rich looking” product all the way around that wears like the super high-enders do in a much cuter package!

A “one shade fits all” lipliner and what sounds to be a rather amazing mascara round out the products “BFR” offers on their cute and colorful site here where you can browse and buy. I am NOT alone in my 5-star review of this lipgloss!

I really like this company’s friendly and feminine approach to beauty and do not EVEN tell me you “can’t wear red lipstick.” This gloss IS “one color fits all” and will really get you noticed as well as propel you into the “bombshell” category without a lot of effort!

Who wouldn’t want to be the “most desired” of us all: I swear that with the classic siren weapons of red lipstick, dark sunglasses, high heels, and a clipboard you can rule the world! What are your “I’m the fairest of them all!” beauty must haves and have y’all hitched a ride on the red-lipstick express?

I have a first-class ticket with my BFR gloss for sure!

Buy It Here!

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