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Goddess Granny here! Do you remember the very first product that you ever bought on your own?For me it was a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker colored pale-green that morphed to beige on the lips and I was SO thrilled to have one back then! Since then,I think I’ve put just about every color,scent,texture,and taste of lip-product on my lips that has ever been created with some satisfaction each time,LOL! I love lip-glip in all it’s incarnations!

Lipgloss…it’s as routine as brushing one’s teeth for all of us I’d be willing to bet: it’s the first product my 11yr. old grandaughter snags from my purse when I visit and it’s the last thing I put on at night and yes,I do wear lipgloss to bed. The stuff comes in every concievable color and price range and can be had by all…but just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better?

Beaute Cosmetics Lipgloss pops into my life in “Paramour”, a dusty-rose with a hint of gold that countours and adds more shine and plumping-lushness than I have ever gotten from a lipgloss,I kid you not!Left me with one of the prettiest and most glam-wearable lip looks I have worn in a LONG time! Pretty and doable enough for everyday but with that “wow factor” that just reeks of the good life and a personal makeup artist at your disposal…I cam’t rave enough about the lip products in this line: Beau and his cosmetics line are destined for greatness,plain and simple!

His philosophy and attention to detail and quality in each of his carefully-crafted products is the stuff of makeup dreams…go to the siteand check out the “how to videos” and read a bit about the man behind the exqusite products: I was impressed and believe you will be as well!

I have always thought I “needed” a lip-pencil to perfect my lipline at “this age” but after watching Beau’s video on how to apply his glosses,I am now sporting another “new to me and oh so exciting” look of just gloss withoutany pencil,applied in the unique way he shows on the site!

Even my husband commented on how “sexy” my lipgloss looked and several people over the Holidays asked what I was using/how fresh my makeup looked…score!!! Lip pencils are currently tossed in a drawer for now, try out Beau’s method and you’ll be amazed at how incredible and plush your lips can also look without any extra pencil definition as well! The shades are about as perfect as you could wish for and they honestly ARE different in texture than others.Sleek and weighty in the hand,the packaging and quality are so far above it’s criminal and wonderful!

Again,I want more of these asap and strongly suggest you try one and see for yourself…whether you wear it to bed or not is up to you,LOL!

My heart and lips belong to Beau these days…this is so not “just another lipgloss”,it’s the queen of all I’ve tried!

Seriously, check out the how-to’s on Beau’s site! What did you ladies think of your glosses and what color did you try?

Buy It Here and Check Out The How-To Videos!








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