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Goddess Granny here! Here we are in a brand spanking New Year and I for one am very excited about it! SO many new things to plot, plan, and share and it really IS like a clean-slate/do-over in many ways…wishing every one of you the most beautiful and happiest year of your life to come!

I always like to start things out with a hot bath, a glass of wine, and a few notes about what I might like to do, where to go, and also how to continue to morph my “middle-aged” look into something that continues to be current and if I’m lucky,even a bit sexy and stylish! I’m even starting a “style file” and intend to fill it with possibilities so as the year progresses,I can focus on how and who I’d REALLY like to become…. Outwardly at least!

We all know I love makeup in all it’s glory and it’s truly rare that an item really seems “new” to me: I won’t say I’ve tried it all but at thispoint in life, I really sort of have, LOL! So,when I received “Beaute” cosmetics, pronounced “Bow-Tay” named for the creator Beau Nelson, lipstain in “Fever” I thought,“Oh hum…another nice lipcolor but nothing special”

Boy, was I mistaken!

Dead wrong as a matter of fact…these lip products ARE very new and very fabulous!

I am a fan of lipstains actually as I’m one of those who do NOT roll out of bed and into the gym or fitness class without covering the uglies and adding a hint of color so no one mistakes me for a displaced-vampire. A bit of lipstain applied to areas that need help wears well through a yoga-class and does the trick. Past favorites have included Stila and Vincent Longo.

Can I just say that the packaging and quality of the Beaute products rivals that of another indie-line created by that oh so fabulous makeup-man, Kevin Aucoin? Perfection in every way.

Encased in shining lucite that’s substantial in weight and gleaming with class, that “upscale” look I just love…I’m not a snob and will adore a .99 cent eye pencil just as much if it’s perfect but there’s nothing like the feel of luxury and quality when you’re applying your face if you have a choice. My lipstain shade of “Fever” is a deep current-raspberry in thetube: a sleek angled sponge applicator allows you actually sort of line your lip with the liqui-gel to insure you get everything covered. And cover it does…beautifully and evenly,no blotchiness like some other have! No watery-consistancy here or need to re-apply to get it on right: it’s slick and smooth and goes on like a lipstick but the sort of settles into a perfectly juicy and ripe shade of “lip like you only MUCH better” shade of deep-rose with a hint of rosebud scent and a sweet taste.It feels so good going on you won’t want to stop applying it. It’s that color you have searched for forever,trust me!

Not red, not pink,but a shade that looks like you’ve been smooching someone hot for hours or at the very least,you’ve been smearing bruised rosepetals on your lips ,LOL!

The pigmentation is perfect and obviously, the technology is advanced on this dual-purpose product,the color is much more subtle than what’s in the tube,non drying, and I want all four shades NOW! Wears like a dream and it’s the best I have ever seen or heard of.

Although he’s young and ambitious,the creator Beau’s way of thinking is so of the moment:the most sumptuous shades, textures, and finishes ever created for not only the gratification of the makeup itself but also for the pleasure the application.Little luxuries DO mean a lot these days as do dual-purpose products that are divine! I am in love, totally impressed,and simply dying to have more shades of this asap!

This ol’ dog has been taught a lesson and suggest you add Beaute productsto your list of “Must Try/Have’s” for the New Year as well!

What color did you ladies receive and has Beaute Stain colored your New Year like it did for me?












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