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badgerbalmBabyLove here!  Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been desperately trying to talk the nice folks over at Badger into sending me some products.  For whatever reason, the timing is always bad, and I’m left feeling a little disappointed that I’m not able to share my affinity for their products with the other ladies on my distribution list.

The other day, however, I received my very first press release.  You see, usually I’m researching all sorts of products for the site, and I give them Megan’s mailing address.  So naturally, I felt extremely important that someone thought I was important enough to waste their postage stamp on me.  I ripped open the envelope and there in front of me was a release from Badger, and a full size sample of their new Lip Tint and Shimmer.

Badger’s Lip Tint and Shimmer
has two ends.  One end for their always popular cocoa butter lip balm that has been spiced up with 5 different shades of mineral tints, and the other reserved for a translucent opal shimmer.  They retail for $6.50, and are available on their site,, and at a number of natural retailers worldwide.  Each stick is 94% USDA certified organic, and contains extract of seabuckthorn berry, rosehip, and rosemary.

I received Rose Tourmaline, and I love love love the color.  After almost a year of my participation on this site, I hope you know in the very least, the following three things about me:

1.    I am addicted to chap stick,
2.    I do not wear a lot of makeup,
3.    I’m sensitive to smell,
4.    I am always right.

So, obviously Badger Lip Tint and Shimmer is the most perfect product for me since it keeps my lips super moisturized, gives me just the right amount of subtle color.  It smells fantastic, like cocoa (go figure) so if that isn’t you’re thing, then this wont be either since that’s the main ingredient.  Each time I apply it, I feel like I’m looking at one of those articles in Cosmo for the perfect summer kissed face.  The color and shimmer look awesome paired up with a dash of bronzer, and my light gold colored eye shadow.  Even the shimmer alone looks fantastic, but it’s also casual enough to apply right before heading out to the gym because it works as well as it looks.  It kills two birds with one stone (I would never condone killing two birds with any stones, just a figure of speech), since you can cut down the hassle of searching for two products in your already over stuffed bag.

Badger carries moisturizers, sunscreens, lip balms, BABY PRODUCTS (PLEASE SEND ME SOME), and soaps.  You’re going to find great working products on this site, coupled with great looking prices.  I guarantee there’s something on there for everyone!

I know I’m not the only lip balm addict out there! What balm does your lips jones for?

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