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The sassy and sophisticated Mio from Awake Cosmetics sent out some of their Stardom Lip Lacquer glosses to test. Awake Cosmetics always gets rave reviews from us here so I was stoked to see a box of their Stardom line arrive. The last time we raved over Awake’s Hydro-Manage Makeup all the ladies went absolutely crazy for it. Give it a shot. Anyhow, in that last post I was saying how awesome this brand is-but it was only held in stores that I just can’t afford to shop in. I know, I wish but Neiman Marcus is not a monthly option for me. I was never exposed to it before. It’s too hard to walk by the $900 shoes to get to the upscale makeup. Thankfully, Awake Cosmetics has thrown those of us that live in the real(ish) world a bone! Imagine how happy I was when I saw the line at the much more cost-friendly Bath & Bodyworks!

Hooray! Now this super fantastic cosmetics line can attain the mass cult appeal it truly deserves!

The first Awake Stardom we’re going to review is their lip laquer. I love the ingenious slanted sponge tip application. It makes it easy to apply to get the perfect pucker! I received the color “Elf Brown”, I was a bit hesitant from the color , it looked really brown from the package. I had nothing to hesitate over once I applied this gel gloss. It lasted and shimmered for quite a while and it did not slip or get that God awful gloss rim around the outline of my lips. Also, it wasn’t drying like you sometimes get with other brands.

Now that Awake is at Bath and Bodyworks I encourage all of our readers and go back and read how many women absolutely love this line. It’s really fabulous! Here’s what Awake says ” Awake skincare line utilizes state-of-art Japanese technology to incorporate natural botanicals into formulations that are gentle enough even for sensitive skin. Each product provides a targeted solution for specific concern, creating a unique regimen for every skin type. Awake products are hypo-allergenic, mineral-oil and frangrance free. A richly pigmented, high-gloss lip color that provides a smooth-fitting, lacquer-like finish. The unique formula delivers translucent, glossy color that has a combined effect of lipstick and lip gloss. It’s more pigmented than a lip gloss and glossier than a lipstick with a long-lasting finish. Formulated with Watercress Extract, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid to keep lips looking supple and feeling moisturized.”

Ladies, has Awake left you bright-eyed bushy tailed and your lips luscious? Any other Awake devotees?

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