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Stacy B here! I just got back from the happiest place on earth…DISNEY WORLD!! We took my boys and they loved it. Well, my youngest didn’t seem to care too much, he’s only 14 months, but he was very happy all week and did enjoy a few of the family rides. Really, his favorite thing was the shuttle bus from the hotel to the parks. Every time they pulled up he started yelling and clapping and shouting “bus, bus, bus!!!” Great, my 14-month old has about 10 words, and one of them is ‘bus’.

 It was REALLY hot though, like mid-90s and humid all week. We chose late June because my mom is a teacher so she’s out of school, and my dad had a friend offer his time share and that was when it was available. And…it was a 2 bedroom condo with a full kitchen for FREE, on the resort! We saved SO MUCH MONEY by not having to pay for the hotel. And, I could order groceries and cook healthy breakfasts and dinners so we didn’t kill ourselves on processed junk for 7 days. Best way to do it.

The heat was so bad, my makeup took a back seat, and so did my hair. Ponytails, waterproof mascara and sunblock. That was about it all week. I can’t really complain though, getting ready was really easy every morning and no one looks great in 90% humidity so I just went with it. Our first morning was an early one; we had to be on a 6:45 am shuttle to make it to our character breakfast reservation. This was essential because I refused to chase Mickey Mouse around the park and wait in the picture lines in the heat. I scheduled a breakfast with a guaranteed Mickey sighting first thing on day 1 and got that overwith in the air conditioned restaurant. Not going to lie, I gave myself a nice pat on the back for that stroke of motherly genius.

 My oldest practically died of happiness the first time he saw Mickey come around the corner. His face could not have smiled any wider. I thought his lips were going to crack! Good thing they didn’t, although we did have one split lip incident when my youngest decided to pull the kitchen chair on top of himself and split his lip open. Sorry hotel maids, that washcloth full of blood is not what you think… Don’t worry, he was fine after a few minutes!

 Even if I did have some lip cracks due to excessive smiling, or burnt lips due to the opressive sun, I was ready for it. I brought some Australian Gold Lip Balm with me, with SPF in it.   This stuff exceeded my expectations. I was not anticipating anything more than a standard lip balm with some sun protection. This not only protected my lips (no burns, on me, my hubby, or the boys) but it healed some weird spring chapped lips I was suffering from in early June. I have no idea why or how my lips were dry in June in New England. It’s hot here, and humid so there’s moisture everywhere. Plus, it rained for like a week before we left so it’s not like it was desert-dry conditions.

 Anyway, this balm healed the weird chapped lips in about a day, and fully protected me through some hot, sweaty, bright, wet (there are some fun water rides at Disney!) and hectic days. I think I might have applied two or three times through the long days and that was it. Maybe even less than that. It glides on so smoothly, does not dry out your lips at all, is not sticky and once it sinks in, you don’t even know it’s on. No weird taste (in fact, no taste at all), no strong smell, no stickiness, just lip conditioning and sun protection.

 This is now my go-to for the summer. It’s coming with me for a weekend July 4th getaway to a lake, and it’s coming with me to our second family vacation i August to sunny San Diego. If I finishe it before then, I’m certainly getting a new one, and probably one for the boys, too. I am very proud to say we spent a week outside in the Florida sun and neither of my boys has a hint of color or burn from the sun. Thank you Coppertone Free and Clear, and Australian Gold for protecting me and my family!

What are your vacation plans and how important do think SPF is for lips?

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