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astropuckerMissRo here to add some volume to your lips. One of the first products I used when I got the Cosminology line was the lip plumper called…ready…Astropucker Me All Over the Galaxy Galactic Lip Plumper “for that slow and steady surge”.

Every night before I go to bed, I of course wash my face, but I always put some type of lip balm on to moisturize my lips. So, I thought, not only will I be able to add moisture to my lips, but increase my pucker too!

Well, I have to say after one night, my lips looked great the next morning. Did I have Angelina Jolie’s lips, no, but they were smooth, hydrated, and slightly plump…like I had a good night’s sleep, even if I didn’t ;).

I’m not one to really care about plumping up my puckers at night. I just feel that just as you put on your night cream for your face, you need to take care of your lips too. I have tried my fair share of lip plumpers and was never really impressed. Especially that Lip Venom that first came out. I thought my lips were going to burn off it was so uncomfortable. I never understood why most of the lip plumpers on the market had some sort of sting. Was it to emulate the sting you get from the needle when you do collagen?

I figure at the end of the day, if you are serious about your pucker, you can certainly start off with a product like this. Or, just go for the ultimate and get your lips plumped up with a bit of collagen.

Dr Dima actually has too different plumping products. There’s the one that comes in a wand and the other comes in a pot. That one is called Astropucker Me All Nite Long Galactic Lip Plumper “when your lips need an all niter”. This one is a little more potent. So, if you want to do the treatment at night, I would suggest you get this one and for the day time you use the other one. Now, if you prefer the wand instead of the pot, I think you can get away with using the one in the wand at night like I have.

What lip plumping products have you used? What is your favorite? Have you ever done collagen for your lips? How long did it last and would you do it again?

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