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armourlipgloss“Down the street I’m the girl next door…I’m the fox you’ve been waiting for!” (“Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways, 1976)

Goddess Granny here to ROCK your world today and I have to tell you that of all the reviews I’ve done,I probably had the MOST fun thinking about how to present this fabulous product so that you too can feel the beat!

Gonna’ set the stage, literally: late 1970’s- early1990’s (in other words, my personal heyday!) and it’s a time in the music-era truly like no other. Band called the “Runaways” in 1976 recorded the song “Cherry Bomb” written for and sung by Cherrie Currie and let me tell you, these girls were SMOKIN’ HOT!

Glam-rockers who took no prisoners and made no excuses for their talents, sexuality, and style…a young Joan Jett was also a member.  Without boring you and getting too far into the “history” of it all, know without a doubt that women like these ARE the gold-standard for all that is to follow in the rock n’ roll world…I am going to link you to Joan re-doing the song “Cherry Bomb” on her own and I want you to check out her makeup, accessories, swagger, and what she defines:

Joan Jett “Cherry Bomb”

Have I got your attention now? She is freakin’ GORGEOUS and so “current” even back then it is insane! I know some of the fabulous “young ‘un’s” on here might not be familiar with the era but I’m trying to get y’all to feel what I think is the “vibe” that the amazing creators of “Armour Beauty” might have in mind when they work their magic and design their products?

Theo Kogan and Allison Burns lived the life as artists and models and when you check out the site,be sure to click on “Concept” to see who they choose to pay homage to with their lipgloss colors: it’s incredibly tough to take an esoteric concept and successfully create a product that defines a mood, a moment, a feeling, a look. I feel they are spot-on and am in LOVE with their lipgloss! Y’all know I am a huge fan of “women run” companies and these girls are connecting to the strong ones out there who lived the life through music and personal style in the glam-clubs of the 80’s and 90’s and even more importantly, today! No wonder Fergie, Lady GaGa and SO many other iconic females are HUGE fans of their lippys too!

I’ve mentioned before that to me, makeup is “art” and if you can manage to set the tone or inspire a “mood” even before the package is opened, well….you will have someone’s full attention when they use the product! This lipgloss had me excited before I opened it: elegant and simple black box with a rocker-chic chain motif…gorgeous “AB” logo, sort of reminded me of “Chrome Hearts” and their over the top amazing creations in a more subtle way. The lipgloss is elegant beyond words, hefty-lucite packaging and one thing I ADORE is that it’s a shorter tube so it fits in a pocket (his of course!) or a tiny purse with ease…

I sampled the “opaque” formula gloss in “Last Dance” an homage to the divine Donna Summer and that song we have all heard: the product is rich beyong-belief, creamy and saturated but even this “deep” shade isn’t off-putting, it’s the most PERFECT deep berry shade ever and glides on with a honey-like smoothness! Covers perfectly then seems to “settle” into a perfect “just smooched for hours” shade that I can’t get enough of! Did I mention the scent?

Like warm raspberries with a hit of chocolate I do believe…you don’t want to stop putting it on because it smells so damn good! Light flavor and truly long-wearing. Add in the fact that’s it’s cruelty-free, made with healing ingredients, and that it’s environmentally friendly and you have something worth raving about!

Does the world of makeup-bags REALLY have room for yet another lipgloss? I say YES loud and clear!!! This one’s not leaving my side and I’m lemming for every shade I can possibly get my hands on asap! There are two formula’s, sheer and opaque and from what I can determine,they only “do” lipgloss” currently, cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us!

I feel hot wearing this gloss: I get an image in my head of what it must feel like to be half-naked on stage singing my heart out (I can’t carry a note in a wheelbarrow,Kiss!) and cannot WAIT to see how Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning portray the “Runaways” in an upcoming movie.

Don’t be afraid to get your inner rock-chick on if it’s only to dance around your living room in your undies but try picturing what I do when you put on “Armour Beauty” lipgloss and see if YOUR strut isn’t enhanced and perfected just a tiny bit more. Consider going out of your “comfort zone” with your makeup and maybe even again, how you see yourself. I am going to need a bigger house soon for the the personalities these incredible products have me moving in Surprised!

This is a lipgloss worth tossing out a few others for, trust me! I am more in touch with my “inner rock-chick” than EVER thanks to AB:do you ever channel someone when you put on your face or pay “hommage” to a fabulous female in your personal style as well?
I am often creatively-inspired by someone or a movie, still can’t get “Marie Antoinette” out of my head either-do you think she and Joan will have interesting chats over tea?

I have to draw the line at Joan’s shag-haircut but will be trying to copy her eye makeup all weekend.

I have the perfect gloss part all taken care of! What rock and roll glam chick to do you love and have you ever tried these amazing Armour Beauty Glosses?

Buy It at! They have the entire line and love megsmakeup!

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