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The charming and beautiful Andree from Alison Raffaele sent Megsmakeup out some of their Lipskin Tinted Lip balms in the shade “Kiss” out to test. These lip balms are infused with gorgeous shades but I feel so good when this glides on my lips! It’s a yummy, smooth and healing concotion that just makes your lips feel GOOD! Nothing drying, I can feel the moisture seep into my lips and it has the best glide-on feeling I’ve tried.

The first kiss is the best, I know the perks to being in a long term relationship and yada yada whatever but nothing beats the first kiss. The adrenaline combined with excitement and nervousness should be packaged and sold as an expensive new drug. There’s nothing worse then a bad kiss and nothing better then a great one. Bob Hope said “People that throw kisses are mighty, hopelessly lazy”!

When I get nervous I tend to get quite chatty and sometimes I think my beau’s may have pulled me in for a kiss just so I couldn’t keep rambling! I guess that’s one way to shut me up! It would be nice to think my large, luscious lips (um that’s a joke, I have no lips) were being stared at with crazy lust and wanton desire to be had. But no, it’s probablly more like “for the love of God will this chick just stop talking”. One of the best first kisses I ever had was with a man quite a bit older then me. I had, of course, been chain smoking and drinking wine the entire evening as I was out with a group of girlfriends. I met a future boyfriend that night. Before I left for home he gave me a kiss. I knew that it probably tasted delicious between the fumes and the cheap wine. I asked him if it was torture and he said, “Nah, I liked that kiss, it was like kissing college”. Hmmm, it made sense to me at the time. At the time I thought he meant the taste of my vices. Looking back, I was 22 he was 40. He probably meant he felt like he just scored a co-ed. Oh well, jokes on him. Eveyone knows I never finished college!

A perfect kiss cannot be delivered with a chapped pucker! Alison Raffaele’s formula is just make-out worthy! Here’s what they say about their tinted lip balms..”Lipskins tinted lip balm heals and prevents chapped lips with anti-oxidant vitamins A-C-E, super hydrating Apricot Kernel Oil and Jojoba Oil, and moisture-sealing Evening Primrose Oil, as well as provides SPF 15 protection from UVA/UVB rays. Available in 6 sheer shades, all scented with a subtle berry scent. To apply, apply liberally to lips with a lip brush or slick on directly from tube. Lipskins sheer modern texture enhances your own natural lip color without ever looking overdone”.

Ladies please post if Alison Raffaele’s Lipskins made you all kissy-faced ?


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