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pureBabyLove here! I love 100% Pure products! First of all, their website is super fantastic. Every time I surf over there, I want to buy everything. The cosmetics look awesome, the body washes to die for, and their skincare looks divine. All of their cosmetics are colored from antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable pigments, so they are so safe for your skin. We aired a previous piece about their kids ice cream body wash, and everyone raved about it. So prepare yourselves, because I’m about to rave about their Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter!

100% Pure lip balm comes in a .35 ounce tin. It’s 100% natural, 100% vegan, and gluten free. It contains avocado, shea, and cocoa butters, roseship oil, organic cherry flavor, and organic pigments of cranberry, strawberry, black berry, pomegranate, cherry and plum! YUM! I love the feel of this butter. It glides on so smooth, and I can’t stop puckering my lips after I apply it. It’s like someone put a layer of silk on my lips. It works so well at its job, and only a tiny amount is necessary. It retails for $13, but I have had it since the beginning of February, use it everyday, and haven’t even put a dent in it.

We received our lip butter in cherry flavor, and it smells awesome! Strangely enough, what I happen to love most about the butter, is the color! As we’ve discussed before, I’m a “less is more? kind of girl, and the color of this balm is perfect. The only “ok” feature that God granted me is full lips. Don’t think of me as Angelina, but I do have a full upper and lower lip.  All my life I’ve so desperately wanted to wear bright red lipstick. I feel like a sex siren the minute I put it on, but on my way out the door, I end up toweling it off. I just don’t have the guts to pull it off. The balm, however, offers me soft porn red lips that I can get away with! It surprises me since it’s lip butter, and not a lip gloss. A lip butter’s primary  purpose is to soften lips, not necessarily brighten them. So how great is it that it does both!

I would love to hear about readers’ experience with this company. What products you’ve used, and probably how much you love them. I can’t make a decision on what to but next from the site. Everything looks fantastic!

If you haven’t already done it, swing by, and let me know what’s on your wish list!

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