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argan oil shampooIt’s Jeanasina‘s Body Beautiful Wednesday! If you want to walk into a room and shout, “Who wants to run their hands in my silky hair right now?” read on…

On January 19th of this year, one of our best storyteller reviewers, SweetAssGal, let you know from the get-go that she was a major fan of Zakia’s Argan Oil! All of the reviewers actually had oodles of positive things to say about this amazing oil and what it can do! I had written to the other main writers asking any of them to please send me their oil if they didn’t like it. NOBODY was willing to give up their new-found best friend, Zakia’s Argan Oil! But this oil is magic in a bottle and when you possess magic you definitely don’t want to give it up!

As our story continues, I was sitting one day and mindlessly popping into my mouth nuggets of chocolate out of a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I was using the chips to fulfill the need for pleasurable satisfaction on some level within me. I was actually compelled to set the bag of chocolate chips down when I opened a package from Meg that day and spotted a bottle that said Zakia’s Argan Oil on it! I reached into the package and immediately clutched the Argan Oil bottle to my chest and ran around the house looking for a safe place to hide my new Argan Oil product! I had learned that if anything says the words “Zakia’s Morocco Argan Oil” on it, it’s a valuable commodity and one which I would not willingly give up! I did not want any Moroccan bandits to invade my home and steal my new treasure so I had to hide quickly.

When I got inside the confines of my closet, I slid the sliding door shut and using the light from my flashlight, I was able to read that the bottle clutched against my body was a new form of the precious oil from Zakia’s of Morocco! This bottle contained Zakia’s Morocco Argan Oil Revitalizing Shampoo! My dry hair bristled to attention as I read the words out loud that were written on the bottle. “A rich, luxurious, revitalizing cream shampoo with rare and precious Argan Oil. Globally recognized for its exceptional hydrating and moisturizing properties for hair and scalp! Your hair will again be manageable and soft with an unmistakably, brilliant shine!” At that point my hair was trying to reach past my face and wrap it’s tendrils around the bottle.

I gently slid the closet door back open and slithered my way covertly into the bathroom. I removed my chocolate stained clothing and let them fall in a heap as I entered the water cascading down from my shower head. Without hesitation, I poured a half-dollar size of the creamy brown liquid into my palms and then worked the lather from front to back as the instructions suggested. The shampoo doesn’t have really much of a fragrance, perhaps a bit earthy, but the lathering properties are AWESOME! I don’t know how many hours I spent in that shower lathering my hair that first time but I was intoxicated by the luxury of this product! I had found a new pleasurable satisfaction! I rinsed out the shampoo and when it was time to blow dry my hair I added a few precious drops of the Zakia’s Pure Argan oil to provide an additional sheen to my hair.

I have been using this shampoo every time I wash my hair and I strongly believe it has made my hair so much shinier! You know elderly exotic women, such as myself, tend to lose the shine component to their hair as they age. To find the shine can be reinstated is very satisfying! I also love that this shampoo did not strip one iota of my new lowlights out! The website says that THIS shampoo is their number one selling product! I can tell you personally that since using this shampoo, I have number one hair! I’m pretty sure the company will want to feature me on some type of Moroccan medallion everybody can wear around their neck! This magic in a bottle shampoo is… “an extraordinary repairing hair treatment all in one. Specially formulated for normal to dry hair and those that like to shampoo frequently and blow dry even more frequently! Hydrates, moisturizes and controls even the most unmanageable of hair No Parabens and No Mineral Oil!” Alright people, I have accepted my mission to tell you of this fabulous product, now it’s your mission to read all about it on the Internet (check out Zakia’s Morocco facebook account as well as the official website)! In the meantime, don’t try to find me, I’ve had a secret room built into our home and I’m in there with my Zakia’s Argan Oil products, I’m totally hoarding right now.

I know you will be excited to try any one of Zakia’s Argan Oil products for yourself and to make that a little bit easier, the company is providing two discount codes for your use! Here they are:

1. Buy any of the Shampoos/Black Soaps/Exfoliates/Masks and you will receive
50% off of the purchase of Zakia’s Morocco 100% Argan Oil


2. Buy one 100% Argan Oil and you will
get a second one for FREE


These offers will remain open until March 31st 2010!

Buy it here

Are you ladies familiar with the Zakia’s Morocco Argan Oil product line?
Have you used their amazing shampoos? What did you think?

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