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So have you heard that there’s a new game in town, hair-washing-wise? Whooda ever thunk that lather, rinse, repeat would become a thing of the past? It’s worked for a hundred years, but I suppose that as with all things, new technology replaces the old.

Well, actually, it’s just more of the same. And by that I mean “more” of the same, not more of the “same”. It’s lather, repeat, lather, repeat, lather, repeat, rinse. I guess it’s been around for a while -I’ve heard of it but never tried – called “cleansing conditioner”.The ever-helpful and gracious Dorothy from WEN sent me cleansing conditioners in Fig, Tea Tree, and Sweet Almond Mint. It also comes in Cucumber Aloe (yum! I love anything cucumber). They are designed to “eliminate the need for shampoo and its harsh and damaging effects.”

So here’s how it works:

1) Start of shower. Rinse hair thoroughly.

2) Apply, starting with the crown, back/nape of the head, then covering the scalp.

3) Massage hair for 1-3 minutes. Comb through.

4) Leave on for the duration of your shower.

5) Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

6) Apply 1-3 pumps as a leave in conditioner.

During this process you are supposed to continue splashing water on your hair to “create a foaming effect” and keep massaging vigorously. I’ve never been one to be on the fence about a hair product. I usually love it or leave it and know where I stand from round one. But with this one I just wasn’t quite sure…

Last week I went on my yearly family vacation. We are scattered around the globe, so for one week a year we all go away together. I brought the WEN and made everyone try it.

Here’s my summation. If you have really damaged hair and/or use a lot of styling products, this might not be the thing for you. My aunt and I have the same hair. Dry, damaged, porous, coarse, frizzy, fly-away. It’s a tall order for any product to fill. Neither of us was mad for it. I also felt like it didn’t have the “power” to wash away all the products loaded up on my head. And even after using the Leave-In condish (Sweet Almond Milk Styling Crème), I still didn’t feel like my hair was conditioned enough. Kinda weird for a conditioner-only system, no?

Everyone else who had “normal” (read: not destroyed) hair liked it. But here’s where it really hit outta the park: people loved it as a shaving cream. I’m not quite sure who started this trend, but that’s where it was a real hit. Girls on their legs, and boys on their faces.

Unbeknownst to me, this is actually a recommended use “to leave skin fresh, protected and moisturized, while maintaining PH balance.” And it can also be used to “cleanse the body without the drying effects of soaps”. They suggest you “cleanse hair/body and shave with ONLY ONE PRODUCT. Great for travel!” And I quote. Hmmm… They might be on to something there.

Ladies any thoughts on WEN? 

If you ever have questions about any hair care techniques contact the hair care at professionals for all your hair care needs!








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