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wenHappy Monday! Let’s all stick together and smile and try to get through this week together! Meg here, I know we wish we were at Friday 5:30 but let’s try to enjoy what we’ve got. You’ve made it through many weeks, you can make it through this one.
This is an accidental post. I had this stuff in my medicine cabinet for months and wasn’t quite sure how to use it. A bottle of Wen Lavender Oil with the old fashioned dropper just stared at me night after night as I reached for my saline solution.
Putting on a relaunch event is stressful. Everything I read said that “lavender was a most soothing scent.” I was lucky enough to have this Wen Lavender Oil on hand.
What happened? It went a few drops into my hot bath and made me breathe the calming scents as my muscles relaxed. It made my skin soft but nothing to write home about.
I dipped my head under the water a few times and got all of my hair wet, after my shampoo and conditioner, I thought “Oh, for shits and giggles I’m going to just add a bunch of this lavendar oil into it.”
I added about 8 drops, I added a bunch. I added enough that when I woke up this morning my hair was stiff. It was like I added mousse to wet hair.
I slept peacefully soundly that night-on that level the lavender did work like a calming dream!
I have dyed, heat damaged, thin, processed hair. What the Hell was I thinking adding all this lavender oil to my fried head?
After doing my shampoo and conditioner routine (same as yours!) I did not need my detangler lotion. I did not need my smoothing serum. I could not believe how soft, shiny, healthy and gorgeous smelling my hair was and felt!

This was a complete accident! Wen Lavender Oil doesn’t recommend that you add a bunch of it to damp hair and then sleep in it. It’s my own recipe. It works and if your hair is damaged or dry and brittle this will do the trick! I’m not sure if you can just buy straight Lavender Essential Oils and that will bring the same results. I checked my bottle and it says it has “Jojoba and other essentials” so that may affect the outcome.
All I know is that after I had showered my hair was fantastic! My hair is never fantastic so that’s quite an endorsement.
Anyone else had great luck with Wen Lavender Oil? Let us know if you had the same results or if my hair is a freak of nature!?

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