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So we all have our routines. If you are like me, it’s set and does not waver from day to day. For instance, the first thing I do in the morning is make coffee. The last thing I do before I leave is feed the dog.

My beauty routine always starts and ends the same, too. First: contacts go in. Next, wash face, brush teeth, resume skincare. Get dressed. Apply makeup, do hair. Last steps: deodorant, fragrance, put on jewelry.

To take a look at the micro: I have my order of operations for skincare. Cleanser, eye cream, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer. The palette is now set for makeup application. And it goes on, always in the same order: Concealer, shadow, foundation, blush, bronzer, eye liner, touch of color on the mole (it tends to look like a zit unless I add a little brown to it), mascara, lips.

But it’s the last step that’s always been a thorn in my side. I have piles and piles of lip products – liners, lipsticks, gloss in a tube, gloss with a wand, solid gloss, palettes, plumpers, balms, products with spf. I have a pile in my bathroom and I have a pile I keep in a little bag in my purse. The ones in my purse are the A team: tried and true winners in a variety of shades that will work for reapplication throughout the day. The ones in my bathroom are the B team: the ones I like but don’t love, or the ones I was in love with a few weeks ago but have tired of or just forgotten about. Sometimes I’ll come upon a really great combination from the collection in my bathroom and throw all of those products in my purse. But by the end of the week, I’ll have a bag full of lip gloss that feels like bag full of bricks. So I’ll empty out my purse and keep that week’s winners in my handbag and put the B team back in the bathroom. And back and forth we go. What’s your answer, ladies? I s’pose I could just keep that week’s winners in my handbag and use that stockpile only, to put on just before I leave or while I’m in the car. But I feel naked if I walk out of the bathroom with naked lips. And I really don’t want to go scrounging through my purse when I still have other steps to finish before I leave the bathroom. And if I leave it as the last-last-last step, say, before I get out of my car and go into the office, I’m prone to forget and walk around gloss-less until lunchtime. What to do?

So why all the talk about routines? And what about hair, you ask? Here it is, girls. We, who have been merely shampooing and conditioning are missing a step. The people at Warren Tricomi are here to tell us it’s really a 3-step process. That’s right – 3 steps! It’s their PURESTRENGTH™ Three-C System: 1) Cleanse 2) Close 3) Condition. They were kind enough to send me the Three-C’s for Extremely Dry, Damaged Hair. What does this new step, “Close”, do? (BTW, it’s Close as in klz: “close the cuticle”. Not Close as in “am I close to being done with this?” which was BFOK’s (boyfriend of Krista’s) reaction. Bof! Those with virgin hair will never understand…)

Step 2 promises to be “the definitive answer to all hair care problems” (!!!) Close is “the crucial step that instantly targets and cures damaged cuticles…no matter how unmerciful you are to your hair…hair is more resilient and durable… immediately shinier and more polished… visibly stronger, hydrated and more manageable”. We are instructed to “use Close every time you wash your hair and enjoy enduring brilliance and strength.”
To that I say, bring it on! I am ready, willing and able. What’s another step added to the other dozens? Let the revolution begin!

Ladies, any Warren Tricomi fans? Are you ready to add a third step to your daily tapdance? Also, since I have your attention what’s the answer to my gloss situation??


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