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Jeanasina here! Hello from another day inside the Freezatorium that is Minneapolis, Minnesota! It’s Body Beautiful Wednesday and have I got a story for YOU! Alright people, since we recently covered the topic of ACV – I’m going to keep my review today going with the natural type product motif and tell you what I did this week! At least part of this review is sort of natural if you consider Vitamins kinda natural. LOL!

Let me start with the fact that I am a HUGE fan of Marg Helgenberger on CSI! She is my hero – I like everything about her, especially her hair! I have magazine cut out pictures of her that I look at thinking…“I really want to have her hair!” So…in my constant effort to attempt to be vivacious and Marg like, I picked up a nice crisp box of Strawberry Blonde Hair color by Preference and over the weekend, on Saturday morning, I put that beautiful shade of reddish blonde on my current blonde locks! After I finished coloring; I dried and combed out my hair and thought…,“WOW! I think my hair color looks really pretty!” Then, this color looks rather `orange’ next to my skin tones. I decided to go with it and pretend I hadn’t tampered with my hair. My boyfriend looked at me and didn’t say anything; the people at my job looked at me, didn’t say anything (usually a good indication that something might not be right) and so by Monday my sensory indicators were telling me I think I made a mistake! I noticed that the colors I usually love to wear now looked rather putrid on me and I couldn’t find colors to wear that would actually compliment my new hair and skin color! Alas! The Village Idiot had struck again! Every morning my bed was covered with outfits that I would try and then discard because they looked awful with my carrot reddish hair! What had I done? The big tell was when I pulled out this orange scarf at the bottom of my closet that I never ever wear and realized my hair was the exact same color. Eh gad! Somebody kill me!

So…I went on line (I am the research queen of the internet) and first investigated more topics about what vinegar does to your hair hoping it strips out color! In my internet searching I came across a website called It was there I read several testimonials about women who wanted to remove their hair colors without chemicals and expensive salon processes (all which I have done in the past with other hair mistakes) and it was there I read that TWO of the women had RED hair they didn’t want and to remove it, they ground up VITAMIN C tablets, capsules, or used vitamin c liquid and added it to small amounts of cheap shampoo (for the most part) like a quarter size dollop! I bit down on piece of chocolate for courage and with trembling hands, I took four – 500 m. vitamin C tablets and attempted to crush them (I have no patience) so I hammered them with my finance’s hammer and then managed to scrape up the wide area where the pill remains were now scattered and mixed them up with one tablespoon of one of my more inexpensive shampoos and put it in my WET hair. It didn’t cover much and I knew nothing much was going to happen so I again mixed the same amount in a little dish and added that to the current mix and it made enough for me to thoroughly lather my hair and then let the stuff sit! I was really REALLY nervous here…but determined…and I watched my hair like an eagle eyeing up prey and after about 40-45 minutes I decided I better get it off in case something bad was happening! Well ladies and gentlemen…put on your Ripley’s Believe it or NOT hats off …THE RED WAS JUST ABOUT ENTIRELY OUT! I again have my blonde hair that I pretty much had BEFORE the travesty of the red colorization attempt! I still have some reddish highlights but really…I am quite astonished at what it did! So…I thought I’d share this with you. There is a lot of information on the internet about this – many people use many different shampoos and quantities of Vitamin C but the testimonials of this working are out there! Don’t get me wrong…in past years I have been a red-hot RED HEAD twice in this incarnation but since I’m older it’s not as good on me as it was! I love Red Hair!!!! I look at every red headed man and woman I see and wish I had their hair! But this gave me full realization that I look better as a blonde and am again able to wear all my favorite outfits each day with pride! I’m sure there are others of you out there who have tried things like this so ladies and gentlemen…let your stories rip! By the way if you want to read the stories I read which led up to my even having the courage to try this…here’s the exact link: Hope to be with you all again soon! Hidden opinionators out there…this is your chance to tell your quirky story – we love to hear from all of you!

I KNOW a lot of you have done things like this with good and/or bad outcomes! SHARE!!!

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