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tresemmeI have been hopping all around the country like a maniac for the past 6 weeks or so, some “work” and some fun but this Goddess Granny is certain of ONE thing: it’s getting harder and requires more patience every trip in order to navigate the shark-infested airline/TSA waters as you attempt to reach your final destination… oh… you actually expect to GET there when you buy a ticket? Silly rabbit! And your baggage? Naw… you don’t need that stuff, we’ll do you a favor and REALLY test your shopping skills in a BIG way and require you to replace your extensive shoe and makeup wardrobe on OUR piddly standard replacement budget, HAHAHA! Do these people have any earthly idea how much products cost?

The thing about it all though is that I still love to travel and love the fact that every frustrating flight and bumpy touch-down holds infinite possibilities for fun and adventure even if it’s not all roses along the way, you end up someplace else and I for one think that’s rather fabulous indeed! I had a LOT of time recently while sitting in airports waiting for wayward planes to show up to catch up on my magazine reading which I love to do but seldom sit still long enough to enjoy at home. There is a publication out there for any/all interests but of course, I am drawn to those “slicky-back” magazines that feature gorgeous girls on the covers and promise to be FULL of info and pictures to inspire and annoy my sense of style. My carry-on was actually twice as heavy at one point but hey, it’s THEIR fault for making me sit so damn long and buy so many mags, right?

I soaked in all the fashions, caught up on the gossip, figured out who had “surgery” and who needed it, and got the facts and opinions on what the HOT products are for just about everyone out there whether they know it or not! Seriously… it’s either an addiction or insanity and I’m not gonna’ take a lot of time sorting it out: just know that I currently have in my lil’ redhead such a wealth of “product knowledge” that Jeopardy should be calling ME for answers, HA!

I kept catching little blurbs from various “experts” and “stylists” in several publications about an entirely new and genius product and although I will honestly say that the line is not one I WAS familiar with, let me tell you, I have seen the light and it’s in a lime-green and black container! Apparently the ambitious and renowned folks at “TRESemme” have been hard at work and listening to their customers which in and of itself impresses me: the current trend and crop of “dry shampoos” on the market do work for the most part but alas, can leave hair dull and/or scented like that neglected geranium plant in my kitchen, a bit mossy and sort of dank you could say? I also saw the Kate Moss pic that proclaimed she had “turned white overnight!” which was only a case of too zealous a sprinkling with dry shampoo… her hairline was indeed white however and didn’t add to her look IMO.

I read about this product, “TRESemme Waterless Foam Shampoo” once, twice, and then several more times mostly in little blurbs tucked into the pages of all the glitz and glam but it captured my attention enough for me to go on a hunt for it and a HUNT is was: the first three store-shelves were bare of it with only a descriptive card to prove it had been there at all… finally located a container of it in a drugstore in Upstate NY and discovered what all the BUZZ is about: the stuff is flippin’ amazing and WELL worth the hunt! It’s one product in their new “Fresh Start” line but it’s like no other “dry” shampoo I have ever tried. Because I work out a lot and have highly color processed hair, a dry shampoo saves my butt some days when there are errands to run or a tight schedule ahead. It’s formulated with witch hazel to absorb oil and impurities, citrus extracts which leave hair smelling and feeling fresh, and aloe vera which actually conditions your hair when you can’t hit the shower right away! Mostly chem-free and the FIRST product of its kind on the market and the natural “cleanser” is derived from coconuts so what’s not to like?

You pump this waterless foam 2-3 times into your hand and apply to the roots then distribute it evenly through your hair. Wait one minute and then use a towel to gently pat hair, totally drying it in the process and leaving it fresh and nice! They have other products including a refreshing mist if you really want to give it a spritz of sweetness but honestly, I find that it does SUCH an amazing job of really making my hair look and feel so shiny clean that nothing else is needed. It leaves your hair soft, smelling wonderful, and really feeling like you can run out the door and feel good about the results! No water needed, nothing but a dry towel and this remarkable and effective product. Buh-bye powder head and no more looking like Marie Antoinette without a cupcake! If my hair has any “white” (ya’ think?) in it no one will ever see it now!

The website has more cool info on this truly innovative product as well as on the entire “Fresh Start” line.

I am going to guess that you might have to make more than one stop to find this “drugstore dream” of a product as it is flying off the shelves from all accounts and beauty editor musings but I highly suggest that if you, like me, travel a lot or just need something you can count on to freshen up your hair without an hour-process of washing, drying, and styling that you RUN to grab some and give it a try! Nothing like it out there that I have seen and I’m telling everyone I know about it so you’d best be fast! This company sets the bar high for their products and I have since discovered that MANY celebrated stylists rely on their products as some of “the best” and truly high-quality at reasonable prices, available to all as well as a product for all and every type of hair and styling need.

You can get it here for $5.00 or check out your local supermarket, mass-retailer, drugstore shelves.
I hate yucky hair, airplane hair, or workout hair that I just can’t clean right away so this is a MUST HAVE for me.

Do you ladies also love a product that will get ya’ by until you can wash and wear your usual way?

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