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Stacy B here! I’m not sure how to start off this post right now. Yet again, we have an unspeakable tragedy hanging over us, and makeup posts seem insignificant. But we must move on with our lives in order to restore some normalcy while dealing with tragedies.

Marathon Monday is ingrained in a Bostonian’s brain from a very young age and is hard to really explain to those who have never experienced it. It’s the start of spring, happier days, warmer weather, no more threats of snow, leaves budding, flowers blooming, people emerging from their winter caves, the Red Sox, school’s out, BBQs, parties, friends, beers, sports on all day, runners, wheelchair racers, pace cars, legendary athletes, TV coverage, and for 26 miles, the best the human mind and body can offer.

And for those of us that live along the race route (I’m at mile 3!) the above is magnified a million times. There’s a buzz in the air that only a true New Englander who’s survived yet another long, cold, winter can truly understand. It’s the season of optimism, hope and pride. And warm sun! And now, that day will be forever tainted.

I will not go into details, I’m sure you know them all. But I can tell you this. Boston will not crumble. This day will return in all its glory next year, with more pride, passion and love than ever. And we will get the person that shattered our perfect day.  My husband worked through college at the store where the first bomb went off, and watched the marathon from that spot many times. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that we have not gone into the city for years, thanks to my two little boys. They give us an excuse to stay in the calmer suburbs! The hunny has vowed to run next year in support, and defiance. I am scared, but I want him to do it. I want everyone to do it to prove that this city will not back down!

I have no good transition here, so I’m going to jump right in to less important topics. My hair! Last week I told you about Tresemme’s Keratin Smoothing Treatment and said I’d be trying the shampoo and conditioner from the same line. Well, I did. And it’s not bad.

My hair is not one to be messed with (much like my fellow Bostonians) so I hesitate to jump into new things. This was surprisingly good. My hair has been smooth, frizz-free and manageable for the last week or so. That’s something to be said! It’s getting really long and hard to deal with again, despite a cut a few weeks ago. It just grows so fast, especially as the weather gets warmer. This set has kept me from that awful sticky, thick feeling. It’s been fairly easy to dry and style and my style holds all day. I’m not sure I want to permanently switch from my previous brand, but I would say this was just about equally as successful. So since I have a lot of thick hair, the build up happens every few months. I’d be comfortable enough with Tresemme to swtich back and forth.

The bottles are huge, and you don’t have to use a ton to get through your hair. It lathers really well and the conditioner rinses pretty easily. As we do head into warmer weather, the true test will be the first few humid days. We’ve had some warmer rain lately (and by warmer for April in New England, I mean high 50s, low 60s!) and my hair has behaved. That’s pretty impressive! I like this stuff and am happy with the price, too.

My apologies for the lack of detail in this post, but a few thoughts about shampoo and conditioner is all I could muster after the week we’ve had here in Boston. But don’t worry, we’ll be just fine.


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