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Stacy B here! It’s spring! Well, sort of. I still have to bundle the kids in hats and mittens in the mornings, but the afternoons are starting to warm up! I swear I heard birds this morning.

I really want to be able to turn my heat off soon, it’s been a few months of processed heat and dry air and it’s taken a toll. My hair was acting up big time a few weeks ago, and I knew it was time for a change. My hair is very thick and wavy so when it feels sticky after drying it straight in no humidity, I know it’s time for something new. If you have thick hair, you know what I mean by sticky…that feeling that your hair is clumping together and getting heavier and heavier. No matter how much you straighten it, brush it, blow it out, it just feels weighted down and stuck together.

When I get that feeling, it’s one of two things. I need a cut (which I knew I was due) or my product has built up and I need to do some sort of cleanse or switch up my products. So, since I love my products now, I went for the cut option. In theory, it was a great cut. Long layers, thinned out, a little weight taken out of it…but the next day, I still had that heavy, flat feeling. Off to try some new product!

I’ve been hearing a lot about Keratin treatments (anyone who’s had one, fill me in! Did you like it, hate it, love it??) so I thought I’d try a product that advertised itself as “infused with keratin” so I could test the waters. I didn’t want to totally change my whole routine, so I stuck with my normal shampoo and subbed out my normal straightening serum for Tresemme’s Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum. 

It took almost 3 pumps of this stuff to get through all my thick hair, but it smoothed in very nicely. The serum was more liquid than I thought it would be, so I had to be careful not to let it run between my fingers and onto the floor. But I liked that, because it didn’t feel like I was adding any weight to my hair and it felt like it blended in well and got to every piece of hair. This didn’t add to my drying time (which I found some heavier products can do), and definitely made a difference.  

My hair was less sticky and heavy, and moved a bit more. It felt a little smoother than normal, although I didn’t notice any extra shine at all. And since it’s still very low humidity out here in the Northeast, I can’t tell you if it passed the frizz test. But, it accomplished what I wanted it to, my hair feels light, swishy, manageable and it held my style all day. While I’m sad to see my old product get moved to the back of the shelf, this is a good replacement. And knowing my hair, in a few months, this will become built up and I’ll have to switch back. But I’ve been doing that my whole life, so my products know to just wait for their turn in the rotation!

I didn’t make the jump to the full line of shampoo, conditioner and heat styling treatment because I wasn’t sure it would work and that’s a lot to spend on a guess! Since this was successful, I’m going to try the shampoo and conditioner next week and see how things go.




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