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The smooth and silky Jamie from Tigi blessed Megmakeup with some of their Superficial Smoothing liquid out to test.

Sorry gals, I ain’t Krista. I don’t have frizz, curls or any other problems besides flat, thin and limp. Like those aren’t problems? Seriously, they’re not that bad. If I were an overachiever I could stick a few hot rollers in and be good to go.

I just never could figure out how gals with hair like mine always looked so clean and healthy. Then I met the flat iron. I too, had hair that looked divine!

However, running an iron that heated up to 200 degrees could not be good for my dyed tresses. All 6 of them ( I said I had thin hair).I gave up on “The Rachel” years ago, I knew “the Farrah” was not in my future. I went with “The Morticia” (as in Adams) and it’s all I can handle.

Even “The Morticia” takes work (I seriously just got now it’s a riff on mortician-I’m slow like that). Her straight, midnight wig was flawless. Not a hair out of place. Shiny, clean and straight. Fun Fact, did you know Morticia was Aaron Spellings first wife?

Yup, this flat iron routine could kill a women. Low and behold, Tigi saves the day! here’s what they say about Bedhead Superficial “Mend your ends! Flaunt silky, soft, shiny hair. Bling it on! This highly concentrated formula will give diamond-like shine while helping to protect your locks. Damaged hair regains a natural healthy appearance. It will cut down your drying time and help prevent further cuticle damage. Your results – sleek, shiny healthy hair. It’s a must for color treated hair.”.

Ladies please post if Superficial made you creepy and kooky, altogether spooky and a friend to your flat iron !


Buy It Here – TIGI

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