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The fantastic reps from Tigi sent us some of their Bed Head Small Talk Thickener..blah,blah,blah. No, I’m not being rude and I am not sick of typing. Right there on the bottle it says blah, blah, blah. So yes, it’s the product that’s being all sassy-nothing to do with me.

When I handed our tester ShopB this product she said “ooh, I love this. I use it already”. Not only does she use it but I checked her profile and it made her top 3 products list.

ShopB has beautiful, full curls. I have stick straight, baby fine hair. I use to suffer constant perms (cut me a break, it was the eighties). Then the flat iron phase came around and I could rejoice! My hair already looks flat ironed. Well,
at least it has the flat part. Then the tables had turned! My curly haired ladies now knew what it was to chemically straighten, make appointments for pricey blow-outs and have to use a heated iron on their hair. I still think of all the clumsy curling iron burns I use to get along my hairline.

It seems like we’re in this hair-phase now where you can wear your hair curly or straight. The fashions have cut us a break with that. Now it comes down to being full, bouncy and healthy looking. It almost seems easier to just go back to my stupid spiral perm.

Tigi has a great reputation and a great flair for packaging. Here is what Tigi claims for Bead Head Small Talk Thickener…“Thickifier – Adds body and volume. Energizer – adds life to limp hair! Stylizer – defines, separates and controls!”

Ladies please tell us if Bed Head has not only prompted small talk but also a few compliments for your hair!

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Tigi Bedhead Small Talk Thickener

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