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I know, I’m not Krista. She sent me her Hump Day last night and I was cocktailing and I must have accidentally deleted it. I’ve been trying to get in touch with her to resend it but not having any luck! If you live in the Seattle area please let Krista know I’m looking for her.

As with many fine things in my life, Beautyzilla introduced me to Terax Crema Conditioner. She was staying with me and had it in my shower. After that Terax experience I never looked back! As soon as Beautyzilla left me I was off to get me some of my own Terax and even shell out for the Miele Shampoo.

Their darn good, I have been blessed with grey hairs popping up since I was 17. I know, I’m a lucky girl! Now at 31, everythings coming up grey. Frequent (every 3-4 weeks) coloring had done a job on my poor tresses but my linp, fine hair has never looked better since I’ve been on the Terax track!

Because of my fine, limp straight hair. I am able to add things to it. Pins, feathers, and yes, flowers. Greenie took this shot of me a few weeks ago. I don’t know if this happens to you but when I get together with my girlfriends from highschool we regress. We turn into 16 year olds on spring break. This was after a rehearsal dinner for a wedding I went back East for. One of my guy friends since 10 was tying the knot so he of course invited the entire whole gang.

It started simply enough my awful, flat gross hair lay on my scalp and the humid Vermont evening didn’t help. I threw my long hair into a school marm bun. It was just so “blah”. I stuck in one flower and Greenie said “That looks good”. After my fourth champagne it hit me! If one flower looked good then surely 15 would look fantastic. As you can see, HOM is mortified to the right. That’s a constant look I get around here.

So there are some positives to having boring hair. One is never needing a vase.

Any other Terax worshipper’s out there?

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