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TASSISweetassgal here sitting on pins and needles waiting for spring to arrive.  I love winter…I always have.  But for some reason I’m especially anxious to see winter gone and spring happily settled in to my home and my garden.  I began spring cleaning this weekend throwing open windows for fresh air and am ready to prep my garden for baby seedlings of basil, sweet tomato and cool cucumber.  I’m ready for a fresh start and a spring rebirth.  That takes care of my home and my little patch of earth…now what about taking care of me?
I’ve decided to dedicate March to the rebirth of my face.  I need it and I deserve it.  For the first time in my life I’m starting to see signs of my age reflecting in my face and not just in an occasional laugh line here or there.  Nothing hugely grotesque…I’m not exactly storing small change in there or anything.  But the little signs are adding up to bigger one’s and I’m going on the defensive.  I have at my disposal something from Meg that I’m dutifully testing to battle my exposed capillaries on my cheeks which will take some time to review properly.  I’m also getting back to my own advice of making sure I NEVER go to bed without washing my face and going back to weekly facials.  I know now, more than ever, that as you get older you have to earn continued good skin…it isn’t a given as it is when you are young.  So I’m prepared to go back in to the trenches and start fighting the good fight once again.  And I’m armed with an ingenious little weapon to help me in my quest for a youthful glow.  My Tassi.  

Have you ever sat before a mirror with a new beauty product and thought…“Why didn’t I think of this?”.  I know you have because I’ve done it so many times I shudder to think what riches might have been mine if I had only taken needle and thread to fabric and created something as divine as the coveted Tassi.  For those of you who know the Tassi needs no introduction.  For those who haven’t met with its acquaintance…let me introduce you.
Simply put, the Tassi is nothing more than a funny looking fluffy headband made of terry cloth and secured with elastic on two sides.  Sounds pretty standard right?  Well it’s not.  What’s ingenious about it is the extra room given between the elastic, especially in the area for the back of your head, to softly cradle and support your hair.  It’s the answer to any woman’s problem with long hair and a need to keep it from slipping down in to your sink when washing your face.  It’s a familiar scene, right?  A headband is used to keep your bangs back and then a clip or ponytail is used to sweep back your hair.  If your hair is long enough even that won’t keep it back.  Enter here the mysterious Hunchback of Notre Dame disappearing pony tail act.  The pony tail is bunched up and tucked under the back of your shirt causing that odd looking hunch back bump but that is what is necessary to keep your hair from sliding forward as you wash your face and splash it with water.  All of these woes and a full three step process is simplified and solved by the Tassi.
The Tassi is simple to use and is very comfortable.  Hold the Tassi open in an O-like ring gripping on the right and the left with the label at the top of the O.  Put your head through the center of the O down around your neck and pull your hair through the top.  Pull the part of the Tassi that is under your chin up past your hair line and for comfort pull it  just past your ears.  Then reaching behind your head leave the bottom part of the Tassi cradling the nape of your neck.  Use one hand to gather up your hair and the other hand to pull open top and drop your hair in.  This is all you need to do to successfully capture all of your hair gently in the fabric without the crimp and crush of clips, headbands or hair ties.
Tassi can be used every time you wash your face and brush your teeth at the sink and wish to keep your hair dry and free of crushing hair clip crinkles.  It’s also perfect for giving yourself facials and skin treatments or simply holding your hair back while taking a relaxing bath.  The thing I find most intriguing about the Tassi is the total ease and comfort in using it.  I have been plagued by headaches lately and often times they are brought upon by tight fitting headbands or even a ponytail and it HURTS!  The Tassi is secure enough to hold back my curls without crushing them but isn’t so tight that it gives me a headache.  A twenty minute facial is no problem with my Tassi on hand and I never get the hair “itchies” you sometimes get with something on your head for too long.  In fact it becomes more of the relaxing ritual it should be and less of a literal pain in my neck.  
At $14.99 a piece the Tassi is an affordable way to solve that unattractive and awkward hunchback ponytail problem for yourself and for any other girls in your life.  Even the wee one’s.  Yes girls…they have Tassi’s for tots too!  The Tiny Tassi is child sized and comes in an adorable white and pink polka dotted pattern.  But don’t be outdone by your mini-me…your Tassi comes in a variety of colors and patterns too.  From vibrant colors to zebra and cheetah prints there is one for every personality.  Just do me a favor and DON’T pair your Tassi with a Snuggie…because I’m afraid my review is starting to veer into Snuggie territory and I’ve got to put a stop to that right freaking now!
I enjoy my Tassi and will use it to take on my March facial challenge and beyond.  For now it’s 31 days of never going to bed without first washing my face and applying my facial spider vein treatment.  31 days of once a week face treatments.  31 days of turning back the hands of the clock…at least the seconds hand to be sure.  We’ll see.  But I can be sure my trusty turquoise Tassi will help me through it.  Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that make the most difference and the Tassi is proof of that.  GLAM ON!!


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