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As promised Sweetassgal took the big plunge on Saturday and got a complete hair makeover at the Elizabeth David Salon in San Francisco from a wonderful stylist and proudly my cousin…Troy Payne.  Troy, along with his partner Joselyn Podesto have opened a salon in the Union Square neighborhood that makes you feel like you can relax and be comfortable while still experiencing the highest quality of hair knowledge and technique in the city.  There is an air of unpretentious confidence that permeates the air as the delicious sounds of the city rise up to meet you on the fourth floor of a lovely old San Francisco building.  It’s warm, airy, cozy and a sheer delight to experience a hair transformation here.  So much so that my sojourn ended with happy tears in the arms of my cousin.  I was reborn and I absolutely love my new cut and color.  I can still wear it in my natural curl and rock the wild look or wear it sleek and sophisticated when I’m in the mood.  Thank you Troy…I couldn’t tell you that enough.
Matching the euphoria I was experiencing from my day in the city was the feeling I got when I came home to find a new package from Meg. Quelle surprise because I was NOT expecting anything before The Madonna Inn this Friday!  Let’s just say there will be a lot of great reviews coming up soon!

We have a great “hairpiece” coming up tomorrow but how amazing does our Sweetassgal look? It is so true-there is nothing like a fabulous hair make-over! Who else out there has really gone for it and taken the hair plunge! Waist length to pixie? Who has done it?! SHARE IT! I know I want to sport the Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby cut but I need some encouragement! I’m dying for a pixie!-Meg

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