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Katehrm777 here! It’s beginning to look a lot like summertime!  That phrase used to mean a lot more to me when summer time meant a break from school and countless hours tanning (eek), sleeping in till 2 and going on spontaneous adventures whenever I felt like it!  Now summertime to me means gazing wistfully out the window from my cubicle at the beautiful sun, however I know the time will come where I will hit the beach (even if it’s only for one week…or one day) and so I must be ready!  Being beach ready means different things to everyone, but for me, it means figuring out a way to tame my wild beast hair the best I can once the hours spent blow drying and straightening are undone by going swimming.  My quest for the perfect product to turn a crimpy, crazy bird’s nest into a perfect beach curl Giselle-like hair is ongoing.  So when I received Sunsilk’s Captivating Curls Scrunching Mousse I was ecstatic!

Sunsilk Scrunching Mousse
promises to take dry frizzy hair and turn it full bodied, bouncy curls.  Since a blow drier and flat iron are out of the question on the beach (if for nothing else besides public outrage when you pop one out…believe me I have tried…ahem portable flat iron) I have to do everything I can to tame my hair by making best of its natural curls.  I took this baby with me for a friend’s engagement party on the beach that involved ocean swimming and hot tub usage.   After showering after the hot tub (always shower!  Always!  Get the chlorine out of your hair!) I ran some of this through my hair and decided to let it air dry and see what happens.  Alas!  My hair, while not perfect beach curls like those with only wavy hair can achieve, was shiny, defined and did not resemble a rats nest.  It was not perfectly defined curls like I would expect from a full on scrunching gel, but there was considerably less frizz and my hair had a definite shape and style as opposed to complete havoc.  I would recommend this product to ANYONE, whether you are a curly haired lady who wants to define those curls or just looking to spice up your style by going wavy once in awhile.

So ladies, anyone else use this product or have any other miracle beach products
(successful diets will be accepted as well!).

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