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Stylemama here!  Yesterday you met my youngest daughter Lizzy, and listened while she dished on the super chic and natural Glop & Glam tween hair care line.  G&G says it best, “The hair industry lacks a children’s hair care line that truly takes into consideration the desires of both children and their parents.”   Well not anymore, thank you G&G! Today we welcome Lizzy’s older sister, Isabelle.  She’s here to give us her thoughts on Glop and Glam’s Glitter Gum Medium Hold Gel.  So, join us as we enter the mind of a soon to be fourth grader, as she uncovers another layer of G&G’s wares.

My name is Isabelle and I am nine and a half years old. I do not have a nickname, but if I did it would be Is.   I had a really great time working on this review!

Here is what happened when I used the Glitter Gum.  First, I took a shower and washed my hair really, really good.  Then my mom put Glitter Gum all over my hair, including my bangs.  Next we blow dried and flat ironed my hair.  I LOVED the way it turned out!  It looked even better than when I go to the hair salon.  We took pictures so all of you could see.  I don’t know if you can tell, but I have purple highlights in my hair.  My sister and I get colored highlights every summer as a special treat for working hard the whole school year and getting good grades.  Last year we had pink!  

Just like the name (Glitter Gum) it STICKS.  Even after we blow dried my hair it held the same style.  Usually after my mom does my hair it doesn’t hold the style without hairspray, but this time it did.  I don’t really like hairspray.  I thought the Glitter Gum smelled like mint bubble gum but my sister said it reminded her of a strawberry Jolly Rancher.  It smells delicious! It made my mom’s hands smell real sweet, I could smell them the whole time she was doing my hair.  Even though it has sparkles in the bottle they don’t show up in your hair once it’s all dry.  I thought you should know that so that you don’t think that when you put this in your hair you will have a head full of sparkles.  

I love all that girly stuff.  When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer.   My line of clothes will be made of recycled or energy efficient fabric.  I’m all about saving the planet.  This year in school, I wrote a book called The Easter Bunny And The Kapershkie and it got picked by Young Authors.  They published it and made it into a hard back book.  I dedicated my book to my Grandma Donna, it made her cry, she was so happy.  I really like writing, playing teacher, hair salon, swimming and playing outside.  Meg, I think it was really sweet of you to let me do this, I really appreciate it, it was really sweet of you.

Great work Isabelle!  You make us all so proud here at meg’!  Stylepapa and I were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support you heaped on Lizzy.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We think you will have loads of fun with the oldest Stylechild too.  We sure do!  I hope you haven’t placed your G&G orders yet, because you’re going to want to add this to your internet “shopping carts”! 

Thanks “Isi” That was a wonderful review! We love your voice and this line is selling to tweens! You’re the most fabulous “Tween” You can advise mom’s if this is a “COOL” buy or not.

Buy it here: or 866.403.1137

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