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The sleek and sexy Emi that reps Stephen Knoll sent Meg’s Makeup some of his Hydro Repair Mist Styling Lotion out to review. We have had quite a week of beauty luminaries gracing us with their knowledge. First the make-up king Scott Barnes and now the Hair God Stephen Knoll. Scott Barnes sent us his unbelievable skincare experience. Now, we are lucky enough to have a Stephen Knoll product to try. I love my job!

Stephen Knoll has an ultra-posh salon in New York, his clients run from Julie Andrews to Racquel Welch. We’re doing an extremely brief A-W. Yes, he has every major name in between. I just don’t have the space to write them all.

I do know, when I am next in New York, I will be saving my pennies to have Stephen examine my face and hair and give me the best cut ever!

I wish I could write about this product. I wish I didn’t make that suggestion. I wish I could take it back-I can’t. It’s my husband. He has the thickest, biggest hair. I never have to worry about his lion’s mane going bald. Sometimes he resembles a full blown dandelion. I couldn’t stand looking at the wild frizz anymore. Before I had a chance to lay my greedy hands on this product, I handed it to him.

“God! Take this, it say’s anti-frizz” I gave him the Stephen Knoll spray. It was the last time I saw it.

He changed. He used this stuff and I swear, he changed. The dandelion effect was gone. The lion’s mane was tamed. His hair looked gorgeous. Shiny, frizz-free and-dare I say it-cool.

If this did such an amazing job on him-what had I lost? He has the product, I’m so happy with his results.

To be fair, I don’t ever have frizzes. I have lack-luster limp locks. He needed it more then I did.

He won this round, but I can’t wait to sit in Stephen’s chair and see what he prescribes for my limp hair!

Here’s what hair artist Stephen Knoll has to say about his Hydro-Repair Mist…”Hydro Repair Mist is the perfect tool for conditioning and styling your hair transforming even the wildest, most difficult hair into soft locks. Its unique formulation seals in moisture into the hair’s deepest layers, protecting your hair strands from external abuse and damage. Hydro Repair Mist relaxes and smoothes, taming frizz and leaving your hair soft to touch and with beautiful shine, for a look so luxurious it is as if you have just come from the salon”.

Ladies please post if Stephen Knoll’s Hydro Repair Mist Styling Lotion left all your friends green with envy!!

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Stephen Knoll New York Hydro Repair Mist Styling Lotion

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