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Punkeydew sent me a great question on the “Expiration” front regarding haircare that claims it is only good sold through a salon. I didn’t have an answer but I forwarded the question to the amazing Marco Pelusi!Kiss He cleared the misconceptions right up for us! Enjoy!

Hey Meg!  I just had an idea for a blog post that would be great!  Reading the post on expirations led me to start thinking about it.  Salon products that are sold in other stores like walmart, safeway, ect. They actually say “Only sold in professional salons” Right on the back. I buy my bedhead and pureology from safeway most the time. I asked my hairdresser about it before and she got very defensive, telling me those products can’t be trusted and they are full of  fungus that can give me scapl infections!? Of course the salon is biased.  So it would be great to hear it from a more unbiased source. Would LOVE to hear the results. Thanks!  Punkeydew

Ciao Punkydew!  What a valid and important issue you bring to our attention, indeed.  The general issue that might be occurring here is usually called ‘diversion’.  Again, it’s in general terms.  I’m unable to speak specifically regarding stores and the specific product they carry.  But generally speaking, diversion refers to finding products at stores that normally would not be allowed to, nor or under contract to, nor be given permission to sell a particular haircare brand.  Diversion is an issue that occurs frequently, and haircare manufacturers generally go to great lengths to see that it doesn’t occur.  Diversion does take away some power we as hairdressers have as professionals to recommend and educate products to our clients.  Generally, it’s always better to be able to purchase a product directly from your hairdresser, if possible, because hopefully, he/she received it from the manufacturer, and can literally stand behind and guarantee the quality of the product.  That’s why a lot of the brands state that they’re sold only in salons — right on the packaging.  However, it’s entirely possible that the brands you buy at these discount stores are the same formulas, and the same exact products.  The very best thing to do would be to contact the haircare company, let them know where you purchased the product, and ask them their thoughts on its quality from that particular store — to ensure your safety and peace of mind.  The company contact info should be on the back of the bottle.  Just as one example, at a larger discount store, the quality control may not be there.  You may not know how long the product has been sitting on the shelf, nor do you know where it came from.  However, on the other hand, I don’t think you can assume that all products found in those stores are unsafe.  I doubt that’s true.  But if you are uncertain at all, call the manufacturer and ask them!  That’s their job!  The answer is somewhere in the ‘middle’.  The products are probably ok, but it’s best to check to be sure.  I hope this provides some assistance to you!  At least you now have a bit more awareness about what might be really going on.  Grazie, Marco

Who buys their salon shampoos from um, not a salon? Have you ever had an issue from doing it?

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