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Kate here! Buy this product! Ok ok…I guess I need to take a step back. It’s Kate here, and I would like to be the first to welcome myself back to the wonderful and magical world that is megsmakeup! I am so sorry that I had to disappear for a bit. I am growing up and learning that the world is often a lot harder and sadder than it seems when you are young, and I found I needed to take some time for myself and my family to find my ability to laugh at it all again. But now I am back, ready to mock my 7th grade blue lipstick, first date waxing rash, black neck hair from a sloppy dye job and other such beauty mishaps with the only ladies who will understand, my fellow megettes!

So to start things off right, I have decided to review something I have wanted to since I first tried it, Shu Uemera’s Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Shampoo. So to jump back in where I started…Buy This Product! I know it sometimes seems like a lot of the products we review here get excellent reviews (or maybe we just have divine choice in what we choose to talk about) but I cannot give this shampoo higher marks. When my hairdresser first used this on my hair, she was using it after painting straight bleach on my scalp and leaving it on for 45 minutes. She stopped washing me and said, “feel your hair,” and I did. I would have fallen down if I were not securely stabilized in the death trap neck brace that is a shampoo bowl (seriously people…can we find some way to make those more comfortable…anything will do really). My hair felt softer and silkier and more luxurious than it had ever felt in its entire life, including after countless expensive deep conditioning treatments. And this was from only a shampoo. I immediately bought it of course, and I can say that it only gets better in time.

I can’t say what it will do for women with greasy hair, but for anyone with coarse, dry hair, this is your miracle product. Go buy it tomorrow. Or ask for it for Christmas because the one downside is that it is a tad bit expensive, at $40 a bottle. They also have a line for color treated hair and damaged hair, and while I cannot speak to those products, if they are anything like the Moisture Velvet, then we’re going to have an epidemic of gorgeous haired ladies on our hands!

So ladies spill, anyone else loving the new Shu Uemera hair line? Or found a new indulgence to try and knock Shu Uemera off of its pedestal (be prepared, that will be a VERY hard task)?

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