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frizzHey, it’s MissRo! So, nobody likes frizzy hair, especially me. I have naturally curly hair and I much prefer to blow dry it every few days than wear it curly. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curly hair, but it’s actually easier to take care of and my hair is super healthy, because I don’t shampoo it everyday.

Most of the time a professional hairdresser will say to air dry your hair before you blow dry. I happen to disagree. My hairdresser, Martina Maina, is a hair master! I have been seeing her for seven years. She cuts my hair, dyes it, and I have even done extensions with her. She does everything and I have never been disappointed.

When I was living out-of-state, I had no choice but to use a local hairdresser and let me tell you, my hair got destroyed. When I came back to Los Angeles last year and I saw Martina, she nearly fainted. To help get my hair back into shape, I could only do a semi-permanent dye for a few months, and cut very little so it would not get more frizzy. So, speaking of frizz and because I blow dry my hair, Martina said to NEVER air dry it before a blow out, this will create more frizz. The hair should be quite damp, but not soaking wet. I should use a gloss mixed with a mousse and use a ceramic+ion brush with a professional hair dryer.

In no time my hair was back to normal and frizz free!

What are your secrets to frizz-free hair?

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