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sebastian eleni and jasmineHello ladies, Eleni here!
We all know what an amazing brand Sebastian is. For some reason Sebastian makes my friends go crazy, crazy in a way that only lust for shoes can.
I remember that when I was getting ready to move to Los Angeles from Greece, five years ago, all my female friends  that worked on TV, you know, the ones that had to have perfect hair all the time, asked me to send them some Sebastian products. Back then, Sebastian was the only brand professional hair stylists used in Greece – and it was very hard to find at a normal price. There was some kind of Sebastian black market forming in the media world!
A few days ago I sent an e-mail to all these girlfriends that I used to ship Sebastian products to, letting them know that I’m invited to a Sebastian Shaper hairspray’s 25th anniversary blowout event at the Paramount Studios Backlot. I think some of them cried. And when Jasmine and I arrived at the event, we almost cried too!
Honestly, we’ve never been to a better organized, more creative, more fun beauty event!
It was at the Paramount New York City lot, a place inside the studio that looks identical to a Manhattan neighborhood. So the event was like a block party! Literally!
All the Sebastian girls looked like a mixture of Helena Bonham Carter, Barbarella and Brigitte Bardot, wearing futuristic renaissance clothes!
There were many bars all around the place, trays of food coming by, blowouts happening at every corner, cameras, photographers, movie projectors, fog machines, an opera show, circus acts, a painter, photo booths, a media room and a DJ! I mean, come on! We were in awe! Can I use any more exclamation marks?!
So, now that I have your attention (and possibly your envy too) let’s talk about what Sebastian Professional Shaper Hairspray Collection is all about.

sebastian 1Thomas Dunkin, Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team member, labels Re-Shaper as a new styling classic. “There are few products that I can truly count as indispensible, but Sebastian’s Re-Shaper has quickly proven to be just that,” says Thomas.  “Re-Shaper offers incredible versatility — flexibility matches it’s holding power.  If I need to create big, bold, dramatic looks for a set shoot or just finish a client off with a soft, subtle texture, Re-Shaper is all I need.

With the reveal of Re-Shaper hairspray limited-edition packaging in August 2010, Sebastian celebrates its 25th Anniversary as an iconic styling brand and reinvents itself with a fearless new design for its most classic styling icon with up to 30% better brushability than a multiple award-winning spray.

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray – the first to offer brushable, flexible hold – became a classic the moment it was introduced in 1985,” says Reuben Carranza, CEO, P&G Salon Professional North America.  “Since then, Shaper has remained a favorite among salon and editorial stylists and has stayed current and cool.

Sebastian goes back to its past to deliver for the future. From red carpet glam to street-style edge, Shaper’s legacy has been shaped by the dynamic demands of the country’s entertainment capital, Hollywood, California. After 25 years of raising the bar, Sebastian introduces the next generation of Shaper hairsprays: Re-Shaper, Shaper Fierce, and Shaper Zero Gravity. Re-Shaper dresses to impress with limited-edition packaging inspired by the innately cool signature of Sebastian’s newest Visionary, jewelry designer Pamela Love.  The package design embodies a trend that unleashes a new femininity – one of raw energy and fearlessness.

This trio of hairsprays in the Shaper Collection – Re-Shaper, Shaper Zero Gravity and Shaper Fierce – offers three levels of holding and styling power, representing the ultimate arsenal of shaping stylers. The Shaper collection contains a tailored formula combination that allows for maximum molding and shaping potential, without sacrificing long-lasting hold. Styling polymers, natural waxes and minerals modify the surface of the hair to create matte, messy, polished or soft texture.  

sebastian 4Committed to finding new and untapped sources of inspiration for stylists and consumers alike, Sebastian looked to the world of fashion accessories to uncover its latest visionary muse. Counted as a fashion stylist, designer, sculptor and musician, Pamela Love is a creative in the truest sense. Born in Brooklyn, a resident of NYC, and known around the world, Pamela both projects and prescribes “what’s next” via her edgy personal style and jewelry designs.  

For Sebastian, Pamela Love’s street panache, free spirit and multi-talents create a compound effect that exudes inspiration. Her work as a jeweler, in particular, is exemplary of the power of shaping and reshaping to realize an artistic vision into coveted style. Pamela is a designer of her own eponymous line that she makes by hand out of her design studio in Chelsea, NYC.   

Beginning August 2010, Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper hairspray will be available in a limited-edition Pamela Love-inspired design at 10,000 salons nationwide!

How exciting is it when such inspiring new collaborations take place?
Can you ladies wait till August?

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