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Stacy B here! You all know I recently had a baby (my second son) so I’ve been pretty consumed with all things baby lately. I’ve tried to keep my posts relatively baby-free, I am, after all, still a woman who wants to look and feel good just as much as the next hot chick. But, babies really suck the attention to them like Target sucks the money out of my wallet.

So, I’m giving in. I’m reviewing a great baby product this week. Then next week, I promise, no baby talk. My justification here is that first, it’s a great product and second, I know that a lot of you use baby products for overly sensitive skin because they tend to be gentler and less chemical filled.

I’ve written about Sebamed before, a leader in ultra mild cleansing and skin care products. This company uses the science behind the pH balance in our skin to produce quality products for different skin ailments. I have been very lucky to have good skin, a little dry in the winter, but other than that, nothing I really need to address. But I really like this line because it’s healthy, it works, and it has a great clean, fresh scent. I don’t NEED to use it, but I want to. I have a hand and nail balm at my desk at work that I use a lot, especially in the winter.

My son had really bad cradle cap for a few months. His scalp was really oily and his poor skin, around the hairline especially, broke out in a terrible rash. We were instructed to ‘dunk him daily, and soap him every third day” by our doctor. We used a very mild baby wash and were told to use Aveeno Baby on his skin. Within a few days, his skin looked great, but the cradle cap would not go away. It was weeks before I finally started picking at it (gross, I know, but it was really bad and I just wanted it gone) and using some baby oil to loosen it up. It started to clear and then after another week or so, it seemed like there were a few patches of stubborn dry skin that wouldn’t go away.

Then I found Sebamed’s Children’s Shampoo.. I’m just going to cut and paste from the website here because this was exactly what I was looking for. Something mild, sensitive, gentle, but that works.

“For the delicate scalp and fine hair of babies and children from birth to adolescence. Baby sebamed Children’s Shampoo with its pH value of 5.5 promotes the development of the scalp’s physiological acid mantle. The 100% soap and alkali free mild emollient formula is the ideal care for the hair and scalp of babies and children. Its gentle cleansing action minimize the risk of dryness or irritation due to the excellent skin tolerance.”

Because it was extra gentle and I was tired of those last bits of gross cradle cap on my perfect little baby head, I used it three days in a row. I’m not kidding when I tell you this, it was like he was born all over again. Every spot of cradle cap was gone, his scalp was smooth, SO soft and clear and by the third day, there was a whole new layer of peach fuzz that was probably stiffled under the cradle cap. It didn’t cause a rash, and smelled like that intoxicating baby smell everyone loves. Which is better than what oily cradle cap smells like in the hot summer days… a foot. That’s right, my kid smelled like a foot for a while. Luckily, he’s really cute. 🙂

My parents hadn’t seen him in a few days and both of them immediately commented on how amazing his scalp and hair looked. Even my Dad, who probably never commented on another man’s hair, said it was amazing to see the difference. 

The only thing I noticed was after about 4 or 5 days in a row, his skin got really dry so I went back to using it every third day like our doctor told us. I think it was just a bit too much so many days in a row, and that’s probably more because baby skin is so sensitive in general, not that the product was too harsh.

This worked so great and I am so glad I found it at the perfect time. If you have fine hair that sometimes gets weighted down from the chemicals of normal shampoos, I bet this would be an amazing clarifying shampoo for you every week or so. And of course, if you have kids and worry about harsh products on their young skin, use this. It’s great.

Anyone use a “children’s product” on themselves?






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