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keratinJasmine Simone here! Like most humans, I realize that all my life I seem to be constantly in search of… something. From the mundane to the life changing: the stunning party dress, the most flattering beauty products, the healthiest (yet still mouth-watering) food recipes, lasting friendships, fulfilling community outreach, the best job, the perfect guy… you get the idea. This leads me to wear many hats every day – fashion buyer, product tester, party girl, executive, volunteer, chef, art collector and so on.

Now I will admit that I can get pretty enthusiastic and maybe a bit more overjoyed than the average person when I find an amazing new beauty product. If I find a great new conditioner or a delicious new eye shadow I am sure to espouse my happiness and recommendation to all of my friends and family. There are some companies who have in me a wonderfully satisfied brand-ambassador-customer generating new business for them everyday (hint, hint… I’m kinda cute too… ha!) The good news is that many times I come across the exact product for me and end my search – Natural Dentist toothpaste and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint body wash to name a couple; I’ll use them forever as long as the products don’t get discontinued (you’d be surprised how many items I have loved and then find out the brand is getting the axe!)

I am now going to let you in on my tedious yet often times rewarding exploration. Up first: my search of the perfect hair care treatment. I have been relaxing my hair since I old enough to – which was 13 years old according to my mom. I have tried great hair relaxers and horrible ones  and everything in between with accompanying hair dressers that run the same gambit. When dealing with such a delicate and potentially damaging process, I advocate having both a top-notch and hair dresser and product when hitting the salon though the chemical process bears a bit more weight in my decision when choosing where to get my services done.

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the Brazilian hair treatments both in the media and from satisfied clients. That being said, the coverage in the media hasn’t been all positive. When the Brazilian Keratin Treatments first hit the US market from Brazil, it seemed to be the perfect solution to provide straight hair to curly heads because it could also be used on already processed hair unlike the Japanese straighteners. Over time however, there were reports of the toxic level of formaldehyde being used in these products which, when breathed in during the process, would be irritating and very toxic to the hairdresser and client (and even others in a room not properly ventilated!); BKT even caused one reported death in Brazil. Blech! I was completely turned off of the whole trend. Now however, there are companies making them with the approved FDA limit of 0.2% formaldehyde (2% was being used in the original formulas.) I am now considering giving BKT a try now. It is said to do wonders for shine and manageability especially to hair that has been somewhat damaged from other chemical processes. Márcia Teixeira and Peter Coppola Salon both offer a new formula with formaldehyde derivatives that are touted to be a safer and comply with the FDA guidelines; they also offer formaldehye-free-at-home kits but they only last until the next shampoo (may be good if you want a trial run.) The Brazilian Blowout company has formaldehyde-free formula and has recently launched a home kit as well. Personally, I’m going to give the formaldehyde-free a try (if works without, why bother?) so stay tuned. If it’s good, you will surely hear it from me.

Have you, or anyone you know shared their experience with Brazilian Keratin Treatments?

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