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So here I am, late summer in Seattle, enduring yet another wet, rainy, drippy day. I don’t know what’s going on, but global warming apparently hasn’t reached my neck of the woods yet. Seems like half the days in July were just like this one. In some parts of the world – Death Valley, Dubai, Hanoi — a cool rainy day would be a welcome break during a hot summer. Not so here.

Some nameless Swede (thanks, whoever you are!) was kind enough to send me a boxful of goodies from a Swedish haircare line called Sachajuan. Their products are simple and clean, with a fresh scent, and spare (read: modern) packaging. No ballyhoo, no outrageous claims, just uncomplicated and to the point. Go to their website and check out the photos of their salons. They look so soothing and tranquil, and most noticeably, are almost entirely white!

When you spend half the year in darkness and the other half in gloom, you gotta find every way you can to let the light in. My house is almost entirely windows and I have curtains on almost none of them. On sunny days, I wish I were a cat who could just curl up in a sunny spot and bask all day in the heat. Instead, I head to the office and curl up in my cubicle.

Another way to bring some light in is by using Sachajuan Shine Serum. (Why is it that I (and others) am so obsessed with shiny hair? Is it because it’s like walking around with a halo on your head?)

It’s a really pleasant, light formula that doesn’t make your hair greasy. Just a little touch here and there takes the frizz down. And like all of their other products it smells like freshly laundered linens. Nice. Calming. Soothing. Smoothing.

Ladies, what Shine Serum do you swear by?


Message on where to buy from Sachajuan’s rep
Im the distributer for the US for sachajuan, heard wed had from sweden sent you some samples regarding sachajuan, saw also on your blogg that people had asked where to buy and you can buy in BELLEVUE at PAULA ATTAR salong and spa,

didnt know how to add it to your blogg hope you can do so instead, we also sell online at for ron robinson


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